Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SAR 16034

Clinton is not a sure thing; file Iowa under Pyrrhic.
And That's That: Sanders got 85% of the under-30 vote and over 50% of those 30 to 44. Hillary swept up the oldsters to beat Bernie by 0.29%. “I am not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world.” Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Like gay marriage, equal pay for equal work, women's suffrage, universal single payer healthcare and abolishing slavery.) “Single Payer will never ever come to pass.”
Trans-Parent Poppycock: “None of the promises made by the lobbyists about NAFTA, the WTO and China trade came true.” But this time is different?
Cheapened At Twice The Price: The Pentagon wants $13 billion for new submarines, plus billions more for combat aircraft that are not fit for combat, plus lots of missiles and drones so we can keep killing civilians and creating jihadists. But at least they're not asking for another one of those $13 billion floating targets aircraft carriers.
Generations: Sanders got 85% of the under-30 voters and over 50% of the 30 to 44 crowd. Hillary swept up the oldsters to beat Bernie by 0.29%.
Inquiring Minds: US GDP is essentially flat, yet employment (they say) is growing. Doesn't that mean that more employees are producing less? Isn't that a bad thing?
Identity Crisis: Michele Bachmann, one-time GOP Representative from MN, says that President Obama is actually a werewolf who plans to take over the UN and reveal that he is the Antichrist. And we're supposed to be surprised that Ted Cruz carried the state?
Easy Come... Some $4 billion has been “misappropriated” in Malaysia, much of it seeming to find its way into politicians bank accounts. That's a lot of money; where the hell did Malaysia get $4 billion stack in one place anyway? Oh, a gift from the the Saudi royal family.”
Swan Songed: Canada has acknowledged that it will not meet its CO2 emissions targets – not even close. And they were actually trying.
Giving A Flip: There were ties in 6 Democratic caucus precincts, Hillary appears to have “won” all six precincts by coin tosses. Statistically interesting.
Porn O'Graph: They're old and they vote... nostalgically.
The Parting Shot:


Jesse said...

I linked to your TPP story and used your headline with an acknowledgement.

You have a very cleverly creative spirit. It shows in your photos and your work here.

Anonymous said...

Bachmann is from Minnesota, not Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Even Evil Can Do Good ... once in a while. The snake wants to kill ethanol (if in part his coal masters want that money for themselves).

Flipping The Bird Six is a magical number, if I recall correctly that's the number of futures trades in Cattle that Hillary made, all of them also winners.