Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SAR #16041

It would be irresponsible not to speculate…
Cascade! Pessimism is piling up fast in banks, markets and brokerage houses around the world. Senior investment officers are warning that the NASDAQ may slide another 12%, others have already lowered their forecasts for the S&P from the fairly tepid gains predicted earlier, with S&P 500 earnings expected to fall 6.3% in the current quarter, with more losses to follow. European banks are facing serious cash shortages – Deutsche Bank posted a full-year loss for the first time since 2008, and Credit Suisse has posted its largest quarterly loss since the Lehman crash. US bank stocks are also being hit. Japan's 10-year bonds now have a negative return, which has seriously disturbed global bond markets. German exports and imports fell in December, as did German industrial output. In the oil markets, Chesapeake Energy, whose shares has fallen from $60 in 2008 to about $1.50 today, appears to be exploring bankruptcy options, and another 150 producers are expected to join the 60 which have already declared bankruptcy. Nobody says it is a panic situation, not yet. Keep your bags packed.
Facts Not In Evidence: The World Health Organization and the US Center for Disease Control point out that the evidence linking the Zika virus to microcephalic births is at best inconclusive. Of Brazil's 4,000 cases of microcephaly, only six have produced genetic material from the Zika virus and those may be circumstantial artifacts. On the other hand, Brazil's microcephaly rate was about five cases per 100,000 live births before the Zika outbreak, but in the past six months this has reached 200 per 100,000, so something is most certainly going on.
Bark Bark, Bark Bark: Clinton now claims that Senator Sanders has taken $200,000 from Wall Street, which he did, but the money was given to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (several years ago), not to Sanders, and distributed by them. Clinton went on to admit that “there was nothing wrong with that. It hasn’t changed his view! Well, the millions of Wall Street dollars I raked in it didn’t change my view or my vote either!”
Our Hero: The Seal Team 6 shooter who claims he killed Bin Laden is releasing his debut sex flick. He says “this visceral display of sexual power is a sure way to keep Tier 1 Special Operations relevant and on the front pages”
Wet Noodle: A former Texas prosecutor has been disbarred for knowingly framing an innocent man by presenting tainted testimony and making false statements that were crucial since there was no physical evidence linking the man to the crime. The man spent 18 years in prison, 12 of them on death row, before being exonerated. In a just world the prosecutor would spend his next 18 years in prison.
He Said:We must dispel with this notion that anyone has the slightest idea what they are doing.” Does Paul Krugman include economists in this statement? All of 'em or just some?
Porn O'Graph: Say 'Ah'.
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Anonymous said...

Duffleblog =The Onion for the military.

McMike said...


In case you do not know, the HPV vaccine is given to children, to reduce the incidence of a STD in adults. The STD can be prevented with safe sex practices by those adults. But if they don't, and an infection occurs, it MIGHT lead to ovarian cancer in some cases. Which, if the person who had unsafe sex then fails to get routine gyn exams, MIGHT lead to severe cancer issues for that person.

So, some young girls may suffer tragic early menopause, simply in order to protect some other adults who practice unsafe sex, and then some of those also fail to get pap smears, and as a result some of those have adverse consequences.

THAT is an example of the out-of-control vaccination paradigm. THAT is the drug for which the Texas governor got caught taking campaign bribes to try and fast-track onto the mandate list.

George Anderson said...

RE: Cascade: good thing all money is funny or the whole edifice would have crashed and burned shortly after it was erected...and continued to do at least annually since. So, yes, the king is naked and his castle burned to the ground but so long as they can jigger the numbers it 'dance' will go on uninterrupted.

Somewhat stole Bernie's thunder last night when the Graniteheads handed victory to him AND Trump! What a combination of hope and despair.

How divorced from reality does the electorate have to be not to realize that the candidate for President will have access and (allegedly) 'authority' over the world's largest nuclear arsenal.

Worse, the Rethugs flat out admit they're not running for 'President'. They're running for 'Commander-in-Chief' so when they turn the lands of the 'Enemies of Murika' to glass, nobody should be surprised.

And, once again, why is there no mention of this from the alleged guardians/watchdogs of society, the vaunted 4th Estate?

But again we must dismiss this assertion for the lies they are, something they say to cement the trust of the gullible.

How unfortunate for us all that the average voter is incapable of differentiating between the roles of President & commander-in-chief?

Jim Dandy said...

Delegate Count (including superdelegates)

Clinton (D-Wall Street) = 394
Sanders (D-Faux Socialist) = 44

Why am I supposed to be excited about this, again?

McMike said...

Re delegates. I think it would be delicious to see what happens going into the convention if Sanders wins the primaries.

What do you mean by "faux" in terms of Sanders? That can be read a couple different ways.

Anonymous said...

I'll repeat here that the Duffleblog is an analog of The Onion for armed services, just in case the point in your blog isn't also a satire. If it is, then well done, you got me.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 5.32 - Much of the blog is satire, generally intentionally. Also cynical, smug, and occasionally obscure by intent. The photo's are intended to prompt you to provide your own captions, the headers are often deliberately constructed...

If there's not more here than meets the eye, I've had a bad day.

Anonymous said...

Zeka Sneaker: Would not be surprised if insecticide is a causal agent (perhaps one used to suppress mosquitoes, oh the irony).

Medicine is only slightly more evolved down the road toward true science than economics, in no small part due to ethical considerations.