Saturday, February 20, 2016

SAR #16051

Think how much economic activity providing all Americans safe drinking water would generate.
Parity: The same government that let the Wall Street bankers award themselves millions of dollars in bonuses while the banks were sucking the Treasury's teat also created a law that lets pension funds cut pensions 50% or more. Why underfunding pensions should punish the workers and not the employers is a mystery lost in a sea of lobbyist money.
You Don't Always Get What You Pay For: If money were the deciding factor in political campaigns, Clinton and Bush would be getting ready for November, not Super Tuesday.
As Always: People protesting the worst methane gas disaster in history have been arrested. The people who let the leak go unrepaired for years have been left to their ill-gotten gains. You'd think they were bankers or some such.
Mr. Rogers: It has only taken Bernie Sanders 50 years to become an overnight sensation.
Clarification: Common Core standards were developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, not the federal government. Their adoption by the states has been voluntary, not mandated by the federal government. Hey, listen up Kansas, I'm talking to you.
In Like Flint: It's not just Flint or Hoosic Falls or even a small handful of places, lead and other poisons lurk in many of the nation's water supplies. Don't ask, even though what you don't know may damage or kill your children.
Lump Summed: As the recovery continues, American corporations have just reported the worst quarterly earnings since 2009.
The Parting Shot:
The Albert,52 Victoria St, London.



Anonymous said...

Where is that beautiful building?

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

It is The Albert, at 52 Victoria St, London not far from Westminster.

George Anderson said...

Re: Get what you pay for: The 'show' must go on! All of the 'hand-waving' is a distraction that provides 'the illusion of participation'. The Nobles cooked up this scheme when a restive public got fed up with taking 'dictation'.

We all know who is likely to be 'appointed' the next 'meat-puppet-in chief' (and few will be happy with the, er, decision, masquerading as a choice) but the whole, now two year long, 'circus' exists to lend an air of legitimacy to a thoroughly corrrupt practice.

So long as it remains 'plausible'[no matter how remotely] that our poor government and its worsening pattern of outcomes is at least partially 'our' [meaning the voter's] fault, the 'process won't change.

But as Lenny Cohen sings...Everybody Knows.

When the facts penetrate a generation's folklore that annoying ticking you hear is history waiting for you to 'do something' as the clock runs out on the current social model.

Behind it is a louder, albeit slower tick that only a few of us recognize as 'the countdown to extinction.'

Tick, tock, good citizen, the clock is saying 'them (or) you' [and they sure aren't going to let it be, any last requests?]

Barry Maguire said it best "When the button is pushed there'll be no running away." Which is to belabor the obvious yet again, the time to act is BEFORE the proverbial button gets pushed.

Has anyone else noticed that almost every WTF moment/official pronouncement lately has been followed by a 'and what are you gonna do about it?'

As CKM points out, the protesters, like the 'occupiers' got arrested while the perps walked away unmolested.