Thursday, February 18, 2016

SAR #16049

We invented democracy because human beings have a tendency to confuse their own interests with the public’s. Steve Randy Waldman
The First Cut: A court has sided with the government in insisting that Apple supply the FBI with software to break encryption on a particular cell phone. Apple, which originally said it could not be done, says that to do so would open the door to similar intrusions on its customers privacy by authoritarian governments. Donald Trump, like many others, insists that invading some people's privacy is acceptable – as long as it's not his, which is pretty much Tim Cook's point. Besides, doesn't the NSA have all the relevant calls on file?
On Point: “A uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president of the United States. You have to have policies that’s reflective of social justice.'”
Back To The Drawing Board: Goldman Sachs economists are questioning the efficacy of capitalism and asking if corporate profit margins can maintain their current elevated levels. What if our understanding of economics is wrong and corporate capitalism is fatally flawed? At base capitalism is all about making money (or rather, increasing the wealth of the capitalists at the expense of everyone else) and is wholly indifferent to how this is accomplished – producing goods, providing services or extracting rents. Some are beginning to suspect that Marx was right and that all capital is taken from labor and not produced magically elsewhere in the process.
On The Money: Our portfolio advice has been pretty horrendous lately..JP Morgan. Lately?
The War Lovers: Donald Trump only gets partial credit for pointing out that Bush invaded Iraq based on lies. While true, it only gets to the mechanism, not the motivation. Yes, Bush's advsiors – neocons all – lied, but they lied for a reason. They were true believers in an ideology that demanded American , through an unending series of military adventures, make the world safe for America. That ideology behind the Project for the New American Century still dominates the upper reaches of the GOP.
Evidence: It turns out that the Oregon seditionists were, as we thought, full of shit Malheur.
Embryology: The point missed by most of those who doubt Senator Sanders' chances to win the fall election is that winning this time is not the essential point. Yes, it would be nice. And yes, even if Bernie wins he won't get most of what he and his supporters want. The movement is the point. The occupy movement. The Black Lives Matter movement. The takeaway is simply this: Another Sanders, younger, perhaps of color, could one day soon win the Presidency at the head of a movement strong enough to change the direction of the country.
Third Time's Not A Charm: On an annual basis, US Industrial production has fallen for a third consecutive year. This has happened 19 times in the last 100 years, and in 90% of those occasions an economic recession has followed.
Porn O'Graph: Something's happening here...
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Anonymous said...

Embryology / Pla(nt)centive: The NRC is not just scared of Sanders because he will make it harder to get the goodies from the oligarchy; he has made it clear that he is going to leave the grass root structure in place because he's going to do a Corbyn. ie: he's not only going to go after Republican Reps and Senators, he going to go after any Democratic party member who doesn't toe the line. And that has them crapping in their pants; hence the super-delegates, nearly all elected officals who are crooks, will almost to a man/woman be voting for Clinton.

George Anderson said...

A hundred ways to jump this morning and I'm already all over the map even on specific subjects (because nothing happens in a vacuum.)

Part of me wants to comment on 'origin/direction' the future of government and another wants to delve into capitalism and how Marx's observations were lost by his focus on 'value/$'

Let's begin with Anon @ 8:34 [The 'movement' issue] then perhaps we could segue into the 'alternative to capitalism' that has yet to capture the public's imagination and forment true 'change' [a.k.a revolution]

Like the poor, the 'aggrieved' have been and always will be with us, it's part of that euphemism known as 'the human condition'.

If all you're going to do is PMS over how 'wrong/unfair' the ever-evolving 'system' is you're not going to 'inspire' anyone. Sure, they'll all nod along as you belabor the obvious but you aren't telling them something they don't already know.

Which is to opine without a clear 'endgame' [What's Bernie's 'movement' supposed to produce? A political environment like the Fifties? (with the return of the 'well-read and motivated voter...who still won't be allowed to vote on anything of consequence!) As it stands,Bernie's movement is nothing more than a 'release valve', providing the idealistic with the illusion they are doing something 'meaningful'.

Supposing they succeed in removing cash from the electoral process. [overturning Citizen's United] The process will remain under the control of the 'owners' of the public square, the so-called 'free press'.

Worse, making it 'illegal' won't stop the powerful from buying what they want, citizen's united merely made it easier to 'grease the skids'.

Closing the front door won't automatically 'lock' the back one, or the side door or the crawl space for that matter. Overturning Citizen's United will only result in mental masturbation, the belief you've accomplished something when all you've done is chase it back into the shadows, where it will continue to thrive.

Anonymous said...

Re: That ideology behind the Project for the New American Century still dominates the upper reaches of the GOP.

That ideology behind the Project for the New American Century still dominates the upper reaches of the people who own both political parties. (It ain't just the GOP that loves war.)

George Anderson said...

Full of vinegar this morning so I'll post the other half [ran afoul of the word limit on the text box, so one topic at a time!

Wanna effect 'real change'? Doesn't it make sense that a movement should be 'holistic'?

I have often wondered why there hasn't been a revolt, considering how oppressive and unfair the current system is...and the answer came back somewhat surprising.

The current system may suck but nobody has come up with a 'better deal'. The vast majority of you have had it pounded into your head that capitalism is 'as good as it gets'.

You could try communism, which , as practiced, is merely capitalism with less choices. Same shit, different label.

If we dug down to the bottom of the problem, what would we find?

Mother Nature doesn't have a cash why do we allow others to sell to us (often dearly) what they get for free?

If 'I was here first' were the way to go we wouldn't be experiencing a population crisis. Good thing that's not what I'm proposing (although no irony should be lost on the fact it is our reality.)

Let me be brief cuz the comment box only allows so many characters: Capitalism is soon to be toast, which is to say your ability to own ANYTHING will soon be revoked when those bearing the crown return to power.

Objecting to the rule of 'God's Chosen' will be grounds for summary execution, no exceptions.

So it would behoove you to get behind the Human Anti-exploitation law. Basically does what it says, makes it illegal for any human to exploit/profit from any other.

Employer/employee as well as buying and selling go right out the window. (Become exile offenses)

Replacing these crime ridden institutions is free housing and utilities/services. Your money is for YOU! You will buy your necessities from public/community store and pay for it with wages paid for your labor on a 'fair market' basis.

All crime is 'cash and carry' (save crimes of 'passion/insanity')

Looking at this from a different angle, our 'work' is how we participate in society. Under capitalist paid labor, which CAN'T provide jobs for all that need them, millions are denied from participating in our civilization and worse, it fuels the 'underground' economy and all that implies.

The royals probably enjoy making peasants (read anyone not of 'noble blood') humiliate themselvs for table scraps but the rest of us like to think we're above that.

We will soon see if that is true.

If you're gonna revolt, revolt! [Half measures only tighten the noose.]

Anonymous said...

In the War Lovers entry I believe you mean "make the world safe for Israel" rather than "America" as you wrote.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Anony 5.15 - I suppose semantically you are correct, but to the neocons there is no difference between Israel and Washington.

Beleck said...

America is changing tremendously due to time and the great theft of the Elites, and the Elites/mostly white men who run it will take the Earth down with them before they give up their THEFT, or change or accept any other "way". it is all or nothing for them/their ballgame/, and "nothing" is their reply to the rest of us. unless the rest of us can stop these angry white men and women, thank you Clinton, ( a female power figure) who sold us all out. For "Greed is God" is the American way. anything for a Buck. the Rope to hang us all is what these Corporations are selling and Americans aren't offered any other options.

Let's hope Bernie's army, Black Lives Matter and all the other groups all join together to do something to counter the Robber Barons and their Pinckertons' Army (Congress, R & D) who are using one half of the "poor" to kill the other half, and the Earth as well.