Tuesday, February 9, 2016

SAR #16040

There’s no understanding without understanding history.
Quoted: The system is rigged against you by the big banks, and both parties are in the thrall of the big banks. Anybody who takes money from Goldman Sachs couldn’t possibly be president.” Bill Clinton. All in favor say “Bernie!”
Until Debt Do Depart: The lackluster economy is quite possibly attributable to the abrupt decline in the growth of debt in this country. From 1955 to 1975, credit grew at 8.7% per year, from then to 2008, it grew at 8% annually. Since then it has increased at a measly 1.5% per year.
Say Goodnight, Gracie: I’m still very cautious about claims that inequality is bad for growth.” Paul Krugman
Walking Back the Cats: Hillary has explained that when her supporters said that Sander's female supporters will rot in hell and that his younger female supporters are just trying to get laid were simply “light-hearted but pointed remarks”, and nothing new.
Friends: “During the financial crisis, Congress bailed out the big banks with hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money; and ... the biggest money for the biggest banks was never voted on by Congress. … The Fed provided over $13 trillion in emergency lending to just a handful of large financial institutions. .... Nearly all the money went to too-big-to-fail institutions. For example, the Fed put out $9 trillion and over two-thirds of the money went to just three institutions: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.”
One Down: A naked black man in Austin, TX charged at a police officer, who promptly shot and killed him for fear he might have a concealed weapon.
Caption: “I understand why we’ve got a race on our hands, because a lot of people are disillusioned with the system and a lot of young people want to take it down. … I understand what it’s like for people who haven’t had a raise in eight years. There are a lot of reasons [to be angry]. But this is not a cartoon. This is real life.” Or so Bill said, as part of the Clinton attack on Bernie Sanders' supporters.
Cruising For A Bruising: A lesson in the weakness of man and the power of nature was visited on 4,000 passengers on the Anthem of the Seas when Royal Caribbean's weakness – its focus on profits – led the ship into a storm carrying 100-mile an hour winds and 40 foot waves.
Bedroom Patrol: The Republican controlled Michigan Senate has passed a bill making anal sex a felony punishable by 15 years in prison. Separately, one assumes. The Republicans rather quaintly think this will only apply to homosexual men.
Porn O'Graph: Bernie's bunch.
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Anonymous said...

The Republican controlled Michigan Senate has passed a bill making anal sex a felony punishable by 15 years in prison.

If the governor signs this, would he then be prosecuted for what he's doing to Flint?

George Anderson said...

I caught the story about the Anthem of the Seas this morning which was headlined on my homepage as 'Senator demands investigation' (assumedly into who thought it was a good idea to set sail in the first place...and you can be certain that is covered in the contract regarding ticketing.) It, at least the version I read, was attributed to a sixteen year old traveling with her father. THe story did credit her with having 20 cruises under her young belt and one of them was purportedly through a huricaine but it was nothing like the storm this ship encountered.

Didn't look it up but I'm pretty sure what letter followed that senator's state (not given in the article so as to not 'sway' any undecided voters here on the day of Decision '16 in the neighboring Granite State.

Re: Caption, so the Rhodes scholar 'understands' the people he has nothing in common with dissatisfaction over the system his wife is hoping to become the figurehead of?

Elect 'Billary' and you'll go eight more years without a raise! You have just voted for more of the same.

Then, RE: Say goodnite Gracie, I admire Krugman and his heart is in the right place...and I also suspect he KNOWS he's talking trash when he spouts obvious BS like being 'uncertain' inequality is attributable to (poor) gross economic performance.

Even a grade school student is aware if the customer don't buy, the economy stalls. Worse, in order to borrow, you have to be able to pay it back. We all stopped borrowing because we can't afford to borrow any more.

Brings us full circle to the 'free press' issue, you write what Massa tells you to write or you become a blogger...truth be damned, every journalist writes for their paycheck first. Just as this left-handed hit piece on Bernie shows.