Monday, May 2, 2016

SAR #16123

Smoke-filled Room: No mater what his final delegate count, Bernie Sanders has absolutely no chance to have any impact on drafting the Democratic platform. In January, Ms. Clinton's vassal Debbie Wasserman Schultz, party chair, appointed dozens of Clinton supporters and advisers to the three standing committees that will manage the convention. Only three of Mr. Sanders' nominees were appointed.
Distinction/Difference: Texas AG Ken Paxton has continued paying several of his high-level staffers their state salaries long after they had resigned. Give Ken a break; they didn't show up or do much before they left so how was he to know and besides, he's been preoccupied.
Wondering: What possibly could be “protected” by keeping those 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report super-secret if it isn't evidence suggesting, or proving, direct Saudi involvement in blowing up the World Trade Towers?
Present At The Creation: Just a reminder; the EU, like NATO, was created by the United States and for the United States as a bulwark against Russia. US intelligence funded the European movement secretly for decades, initiating European integration in the late 1940s and promoting it covertly thru the 1970s. How successful the project has been depends on whether you are a banker in Germany (or Wall Street) or an unemployed worker in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece...
Just Doing My Job: While acting as Governor Snyder's hand picked emergency manager of Flint, MI, Darnell Earley was directly responsible for delivering lead-filled water to the citizenry, so it is only fair that he bill the people he poisoned $75,000 to pay for attorneys trying to defend him.
Keeping Score: Goldman Sachs has reached yet another “settlement” with the federal government – this one for $5.06 billion for conning its investors. Which is pretty much what the previous “admission without confession” settlements have been about, too. Anybody keeping a running tab?
Faint Praise: Paul Krugman warns that “Mr. Trump doesn’t know much about economic policy.” as though that were necessarily a bad thing (although relying on Phil Gramm for economic expertise puts The Donald's ability to pick experts at question) . Krugman goes on to note that, like a lot of prominent economists, “Ted Cruz knows a lot that isn’t so.” I liked PK better before he went to work for Hillary.
Asked & Obvious: Will the media ever stop parroting the oligarchs' lie that globalization is the same as free trade and is going to lead to the best of all possible worlds? Hint: Who owns the media?
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