Thursday, May 26, 2016

SAR #16147

Politicians believe that voters can be talked into ignoring their own experiences.
Confusion: Why is it that FOX can slant the news and promote conservative nonsense but Facebook can't? I thought freedom of the press belonged to the guy that owns the press. I'm a lot more offended that Facebook thinks it is alright to watch and listen to you over your cell phone.
Shame: Logging in Poland's Bialowieza forest has begun. This is the last large stand of primeval trees remaining in Europe and their destruction by Polish capitalists who want to turn the trees into euros is a dispicable as cutting down the Redwoods would be. Oh, wait...
Discuss: Do you want your wife and daughter to ride on a bus in India now that the government is going to install panic buttons “to curb sex attacks?”
Install Linux: If you are tired of Microsoft's “deceitful and nasty” bullying to force you to install yet another buggy version of Windows, why don't you get Linux – either the Ubuntu or Mint flavors of linux are pretty easy for those switching from Windows.
Free At Last: A US appellant court let BofA out of paying the $1.27 billion fraud penalty over Countrywide's defective mortgages because “"The trial evidence fails to demonstrate the contemporaneous fraudulent intent” necessary to prove that the fraud was intentional. Mind you the fraud occurred, several billion dollars worth of it, but it wasn't intentional. Citibank shouldn't rush to pay their $425 million fine for “blatant rigging” of interest rates. After all, it may be “blatant” but surely it wasn't “intentional.” Even though CFTC has imposed over $5.08 billion in penalties against banks and brokers to address rigging and manipulation various markets, no one has been charged with a crime, much less actually prosecuted or jailed.
Asked & Obvious: “Are investors idiots?” Yes.
Wordsmithery: Senator Elizabeth Warren sees Donald Trump as a “small, insecure moneygrubber.” He thought it was a compliment.
Safety First: Republicans have voted to void regulations that would require that financial advisers act in the best interest of their clients. They argued that if financial advisers have to act in the best interest of their clients there would not be enough profit in it to make it worthwhile.
Self-serving understatement: Shell's CEO warns that shifting to renewable energy sources too quickly might “imperil dividends.”
Porn O'Graph: Something's happening here...


George Anderson said...

Um, you're missing an 'o' in the first Poland (or it could be me, I so terribly 'unhip' that I'd confuse that with a typo...maybe you meant to type Pland)

re Self-serving understatement: The same could be said of the immediate and dire need to switch from capitalism but 'investors' don't anticipate that happening anytime soon...which brings us full circle to

Asked and Obvious...

Anonymous said...

Foxy Fecesbook / Gawker gets groped -- and the press was never independent.

Peter Theil goes after Gawker gets as much noise, both are nothing new. Perhaps because it's new media and not old media, who've already been jumping through hoops and licking jackboots so long it's perceived as normal behavior. After all, the overseas press has been reporting on Bill and Jeffery Epstein** mutual travels and shared interests for over 8 years, and hardly a peep in the USA. The Young Turks are treating this story as if it's something unknown.

For those who do live in a cave, Jeffery Epstein, Hill-Billy Clinton's friend, convicted pedophile fellow traveler and billionaire donor (flew Billy 27 times on his pimp-mobile private jet) threatens federal prosecutors and they take this as a legitimate excuse to do what they always want to do when facing rich clients, accept bribes and fold shop. Note the point about hidden cameras and blackmail, the man is nearly untouchable.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

George A: Okay, I went back and snuck an "o" in, but I really like Pland... just can't find a way to make it useful.

George Anderson said...