Monday, May 9, 2016

SAR #16130

Before you tell me how great your Fitbit is, tell me how many diet books you own.
Your Bias Is Showing: An AP headline reported “Sanders nets 31 delegates in Washington, but loses in Guam.” Let's see, Hillary got 4 of Guam's delegates and Bernie only got 3. Meanwhile, in not so newsworthy Washington, Sanders got 74 delegates to Clinton's 27.
Over There: Japan Now has More Electric Car Charging Spots than Gas Stations
Aye, Here's The Rub: The voters' recognition that Clinton is clearly more qualified and prepared to run the federal government than Trump has probably peaked. From here on competence will be less and less important. Remember, it's closing time and that candidate at the far end of the Republican bar is looking more and more acceptable to Republican voters (if not Republican overlords). Not good, but acceptable. And the press will manufacture be a tidal pull to 'normalize' this election, to make it Coca-Cola versus Pepsi instead of Coca-Cola versus sewer water. So there will be a push to lift Donald Trump up and bring Hillary Clinton down, until they are at least something approximating two equivalent choices. It's not a conspiracy, its just the process – making things fair and Balanced. Even when they manifestly are not. Besides, the horse race sells ads. And commerce will finish way ahead of competence for coverage.
Proofreading: Why Does the NYT Feel the Need to Tell Readers Things That Are Untrue About Trade and Manufacturing Jobs? There, that's better.
Pogoed: After several decades of telling their base that the government is not to be trusted, that those who are not just like you are not to be trusted, that Washington is the enemy, Republican leaders are aghast to discover that the people they taught to love a creature like Donald Trump actually like Donald Trump. They created the monster, now they'll have to live (or die) by it.
Surprise, Surprise: Nobel Peace Prize recipient Barack Obama has secretly dispatched US troops to Yemen, presumably to prevent them from invading Idaho.
Greetings, Graduates: The unemployment rate for young workers, those under 25 (10.5%), is more than twice the national average (4.9%). The unemployment rate for high school graduates is 18%, and jumps to 28% if you're black.
Sans Borders: Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) reports that in the last year 75 of the hospitals that they managed or supported were bombed, quite often by the US and its puppets. Each such instance is a crime against humanity under the international rules of war. The wanton slaughter of civilians by indiscriminate bombing and drone trikes are also war crimes, even if the perpetrator claims they were but inadvertent collateral damage.
Déjà vu? A 'swarm' of earthquakes have been recorded in the Mt. St. Helens area.
Sausage: In Missouri, commercial broadband providers (Verison, Charter, ATT and Direct) are hiding behind legislation – if not outright preventing – municipalities from providing such services to their citizens. The rule was cleverly hidden in a measure prohibiting the use of traffic ticket quotas in the sate.
Saying “Never”: The top reason Americans say they will vote for Trump is to stop Clinton. The top reason Americans will vote for Clinton is to stop Trump. Choice.
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Anonymous said...

Sells adds, a few wars were started to sell advertisements. The first thing a newspaper sets are its adverts, which dictate how much room is left for the filler, the process of what is news was and remains market(ing) driven.

George Anderson said...

A news item in today's NY TImes claims internet advertising is set to over take ($-wise) advertising revenue from print, just as e-mail is supplanting 'snail mail'.

Putting aside the obvious we arrive at the disturbing newsflash like many you'll encounter here because our bought and paid for media don't consider it 'news'...

Doctors without borders facilities have been hit by 'friendly fire' 75 times and the corporate owned media said nothing?

Not the first time I've encountered a news item here because CKM is dilligent and looks into most of the nooks and crannies where 'news', not in the corporate interest go to die.