Wednesday, May 4, 2016

SAR #16125

Best Guess: Nate Silver, former prognostication phenomenon, claims that “ “none of the pre-election polls had Sanders winning,” which isn't true. Tyler Pedigo, who called Michigan for Sanders when he trailed by 21 points, called it Sanders 52.6% to Clinton 47.4. It was (with 98% of the votes counted) Sanders 52.5% to Clinton at 47.5% - even though Hillary had a 7 point lead according to everyone else. Don't expect Sanders to get any better treatment from the press – the Dems want to give Trump a chance.
Cause And Elect: When long-term interest rates on safe assets are very low, that’s an indication that investors don’t see a strong recovery on the horizon. Well, German five-year bonds currently yield minus 0.3 percent, lower even than US Treasuries. The cure is well known, but equally well rejected by politicians for ideological reasons. Sure it hurts the people, but when did that ever matter?
Self-Hoisting Petard: Leaked documents detailing what is actually in the TTIP have pretty much sealed the agreement's fate. We hope.
More? You Want More? The Republicans are trying to make it harder and more expensive for schools to feed the poor children in their classrooms. The 2010 Community Eligibility Provision has been an effective way to ensure that kids have something to eat every day – often the school meals are the only food kids get. Suspecting that some children who could afford to pay for lunch might be getting food for free is enough to prompt Republicans into making sure that no one is getting anything they don't deserve. As I recall school lunches, no one actually deserves them, even if they need them. [Note: In Italy a court has ruled that stealing food is not a crime if you are hungry. Commies.]
Free Trade: Bill Clinton accepted over $2.5 million in “speaking fees” from 13 corporations and trade groups that were lobbying the State Department while Ms. Clinton was Secretary thereof. These fees were paid directly to Clinton, not to the family foundation.
The Quote: If federal prosecutors are interviewing your candidate for president, even Donald Trump has a good chance at the White House.”
Theater Of The Absurd: The daycare-for-adults entertainment put on daily by the TSA at airports everywhere continues to be a fraud. TSA agents at the Minneapolis-St Paul airport failed 75% of the tests the agency's Red Team conducted. This is actually better than the 95% failure rate other locations have turned in. Ponder this next week when you have to take off you shoes and belt and take the hankie out of your hip pocket...
For The Good Of The Country: It is becoming less and less likely that Clinton would beat Trump in November and that Sanders would. What further argument is necessary to convince her to bow out in Bernie's favor – as a selfless act of statesmanship. God, I crack myself up!
Leadership: NJ Governor Chrisite justified his veto of an equal pay for women bill because it would be “very business unfriendly” to require that companies treat women fairly.
A Parting Shot:


Jason Mierek said...

Your commentary always makes me crack up, even at the grimmest news. Thanks for that!

George Anderson said...

I'm tempted to repeat my 'Amen' from earlier in the week but it's best not to repeat yourself. The NY Times is calling Trump the official republican nominee and (as always) you're right; the only one that stands a chance against the Donald is Bernie.

But the appointees at the DNC won't give up on their 'disadvantaged' run at the White House, it's their turn!

Case in point, I have yet to meet anyone who admits they're voting for Clinton. I know a bunch of, er, people that are voting for Donald but not one Hillary supporter.