Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SAR #16132

It's not all about the White House. A third party with three or four seats in the Senate would have enormous influence over legislation. That's something to think about... and maybe make some plans.
Due Consideration: A majority of Americans say that while they do not like her, they are scared of him.
After Math: El Niño did bring rains and snow to California, but 90% of the state remains in a state of drought and is “just one dry winter away” from returning to the brink of disaster. The state is expected to become drier over the next few decades, with only brief interludes of false hope from occasional downpours.
Plainly Spoken: “The Obama administration is honoring Henry Kissinger today. It shouldn’t be.”
Freed Markets: While the US army has shrunk to a level not seen since before WWII, military budgets continue to balloon out of control as privates are privatized in the name of private profits.
A Penny Saved? JCPenney, dragging out its death throes as long as possible, has now cut its minimal staffing even more as it tries to manage its way to a profit that it apparently cannot sell its way to.
Yes, But:If we take as our starting premise that everyone should be able to afford decent health care—something that literally everyone agrees with—then the most obvious solution is single payer or one of its close cousins, such as we see in every other advanced economy in the world.”
Swing States: Trump and Clinton are statistically tied in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. No presidential candidate has prevailed in the November elections without carrying at least two of the three. The same survey shows that Sanders is viewed more favorably than either Trump or Clinton by voters in these states and would beat Trump in all three, unlike Clinton.
Chrysalises: The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico, the winter home to tens of millions of endangered Monarch butterflies, is going to become home to a gigantic copper mine if the nation's largest mining company gets its way. And instead of pretty wings, they're likely to be waving money around.
Touchy Down: While Texas public schools are suffering from massive budgetary cuts, Dallas suburb McKinney has come to the rescue by authorizing a $62.8 million high school football stadium which will allow the students to compete with those of the Allen school district who have to make do with their second rate $60 million stadium. What's more important – larger class size, fewer teachers, counselors and librarians or football?
Wording: The headline claimed that “US companies are saving $100 billion a year” by hiding profits overseas. Actually, US companies are screwing the public by not paying taxes. The costs they do not bear are shifted to other taxpayers, like you.
Noted:The more the intelligentsia tells me he’s unelectable, the more I want to vote for him.”
Porn O'Graph: Biblical love.
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George Anderson said...

Not particularly a fan of 'party politics' because the assumption [which becomes reality] is a divide exists where it should not. Adding a third choice hasn't improved matters elsewhere {and most other democracies have three or more parties.}

We are all in this TOGETHER yet some want to dine at the 'public trough' so they set up a contrarian movement to divert attention from their activities.

Worse, they use this movement to fabricate belief that supports the need for what they want to sell to us [have you looked at the military budget lately?]

What we need more than a new party which will only serve to muddy the waters worse than they already are is responsible, accountable leadership!

More unity, less division is the key to regaining a functioning government. More importantly people need to be educated [because our schools suck at teaching civics] on 'the purpose of government'.

The Nanny State (that exists to pick up the slack for the slouching capitalists) has to go and be replaced with the, er, 'vigilant watch-dog' government was intended to be.

Government's primary responsibility is to protect 'the rights of the individual' (not the corporations.)

But that's not what we have, do we?

And who, er, 'appointed' the last half dozen presidents?

Wall Street.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

George, that's all fine and good, except for the part about how to get there from here.

If the 'third party' were dedicated to bending the legislature in the direction of responsible citizenship, diminuation of the corporate chokehold, protecting the least of us from the many, reducing capitalism to serve the greater good instead of the greedier good, etc, I'm not sure that would be a bad thing.

George Anderson said...

I see 'the appeal' of a 'new' party but the foundation of party politics is corrupt from the get-go...and how long would, nay, HOW would you keep the corrupting influence of money out of your new, clean slate, fresh start party?

You are correct, any 'movement' needs a fresh place to start but the mechanics are rigged against a start-up as the graveyard of dead political parties can attest to.

How sad is it that the Democrats [traditional] can be found in that graveyard already?

We have become a 'one party' state with both sides playing the middle.