Friday, May 6, 2016

SAR #16127

Noted: One can view Trump unfavorably and yet still vote for him; in fact that's the only way most of the people who say they will vote for him feel. Those who smugly say Trump is unelectable do not understand that the majority of Americans side with Trump in criticizing globalization and see Clinton as a supporter of the status quo. She also represents trickle-down economics, free trade, the dominance of financial elites, and “the establishment” - which are not gleefully embraced by a majority of the American public. And in easily chasing Jeb Bush from the field of battle, Trump has already vanquished a pretty fair working copy of Hillary.
Packers: Arizona Republicans are about to get two more justices on the state Supreme Court thanks to a bill that will expand the court from five to seven members and allow the GOP governor to appoint the new justices. They got the idea from FDR.
Shocker: Would you be surprised to learn that nearly all of the money that purportedly went to bail out Greece actually went to banks? Me neither. Wonder how much of the 95% that didn't go to Greece went to Goldman Sachs, how much to the German banks...
If Only: Glen Beck fears that Trump's primacy means there will never again be a Republican President. I'd prefer their being the minority party as they quietly effervesce into the warming atmosphere.
Sisyphus: Clinton says she will rally women to defeat Trump. Sorry, Hil, there aren't that many post-menopausal women.
Hope Springs Eternal: Online advertising's efficiency has been dwindling for years, as the targeted audience resorts to ad blockers and simple inattention. Companies are becoming quite aware that their advertising dollars are not generating the desired returns. Either ads will become even more obnoxious, or fade away. Either way, advertising billboards like Facebook and Google should be concerned.
Wording: “The Democratic Party has strayed from its aspirational path.” Strayed reads better than 'abandoned'. And “This report is unlikely to affect expectations for what is expected...”
W/O Comment: Maine has ruled that people living in Section 8 Public Housing cannot use medical marijuana, prescription or no prescription.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

How many voters will be 'surprised' when The Donald does zip about globalization? One thing to talk about and quite another to go against the will of his 'masters'.

But if it wins him the election then the people will have gotten what they deserve.

Jim Dandy said...

"I'd prefer their being the minority party as they quietly effervesce into the warming atmosphere."

That turn of phrase just made my day. Thank you, sir!