Thursday, May 12, 2016

SAR #16133

A politician must tell the lies the people want to hear.
Turkish Delight: Turkey's tyrant-in-waiting Recip Erdogan took time of from blackmailing Europe to assure the world that the presidential system he intends to install “won't be the same as that of the US – nor will it have anything in common with the dictatorships of Africa.” He's sure that once he becomes dictator for life by universal acclimation everyone will be happy, happy, happy. Well, almost everyone. Or else.
Graduation Advice: “The real secrets of creating a fortune are not genius, leadership, risking your own money, or lots of hard work. They’re chutzpah, who you know, and luck. And the greatest of these is plain old luck. Oh boy, is it luck.” Nike's Phil Knight.
Patriotism: Belgian-owned Budwiser is renaming its beer “America” and plans to adorn the cans with pictures of the Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument and phrases from the Pledge of Allegiance, lyrics from The Star Spangled Banner and America The Beautiful. I don't buy Bud and am going to make a conscious effort to dedicate my non-beer buying to these folks from now on.
Bob And Weave: After insisting that the country had done all it could to make healthcare available and affordable, and that the fight for a universal single-payer system had already been lost, Hillary now wants to change the rules so that people 50 or 55 and up could “buy in” to Medicare – sort of Medicare For More. Not that this is in any way similar to Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All. Ms. Clinton was pretty vague about eligibility and costs and who would foot the bill and how much more insurance companies would drain from the Federal government. But, hey, she cares...
Hurdles: Before the Clinton team can comfortably tuck the election away, they will have to deal with the restive Sanders voters - half of whom, at least in West Virginia, say they would vote for Trump in the Fall if Clinton is the candidate.
Secret Votes: A lot of Trump support is not reflected in the polls because, quite simply, a lot of people who are going to end up voting for him are ashamed to admit it. For example, “A third of those who voted in West Virginia’s Democratic primary say they plan to back Trump in November. Sanders won those voters by a wide margin”.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Voting in the November election is registering your approval of the choices you've been, er, granted. Boycotting the election demonstrates you will not accept the 'lesser of two evils', [especially these two.]

There are NO democrats running, Democrats were driven out of the process by money decades ago. Those wearing the D these days have sworn fealty to the LLC model.

Since we have no way to register our displeasure with this disasterous set of circumstances, we can't.

We could 'protest' the conventions but all that will do is get your head busted and your name placed on a 'watch list'!

As CKM suggested yesterday...although this idea is a bit to the left of starting our own 'party' [that the media would simply ignore] is to start a new 'union'...but this wouldn't be a traditional union, it would be like the original unions, because they didn't care what 'the president' declared or how some judge ruled.

More importantly it would be an 'all inclusive' union, with the only 'qualifications' for membership being that you are human and can fog a mirror.

It is the only way the, er, 'underclasses' can confront the Billionaire Club and their bought and paid for 'Justice system'.

So when November comes and the two odious choices are presented, we would have (nominally) a legal footing to stand on when the general strike was declared.

Remember, the original revolution was fought over 'taxation without representation'...well, can you identify WHO represents YOU in the media circus we call politics?

We all know who our reps are but it's a darn good thing for them that we can't fire them!

We need change and change won't happen by itself nor is anyone coming to rescue us certainly don't need me to finish that one, do you?

William Day said...

You added to the burnish of your cynicism with the header of today's post. Well Done Sir.