Thursday, May 19, 2016

SAR #16140

The world changes slowly, except when it doesn't.
Pot/Kettle: The mainstream media is all excited because Facebook is alleged to pander to its advertisers and manipulate its customers by slanting the news. Even Fox is offended.
This Isn't Going To End Well: The Philippines new president, Rodrigo Duterte, promises to kill 100,000 “crooks” in his first six months in office. Trials will apparently be unnecessary.
Let's Go To The Video: After the mass media went bonkers about those violent Sanders supporters throwing chairs around, it turns out that a video of the event shows that no chair throwing occurred. A little fact finding might be in order before the “reporters” report. These days there is always a video.
W/O Comment: Trump beats Clinton by 3 points in new FOX poll, 45/42, while Sanders beats Trump 46/42.
Costume Party: About 70% of the time the new FindFace app can identify you in a crowd. The end of anonymity is at hand; time to embrace red noses, putty ears, throwaway sunglasses and to ditch the phone. How long before trying to conceal your appearance in public will be a crime?
Definitions: The majority of Americans support a government-run, single-payer Medicare-For All health system. I guess they didn't ask Hillary.
Shipping Slipping: Moody's has downgraded its view of the North American rail industry to “negative,” as the long-lasting decline in freight volumes continues to worsen. But hey, The Recovery!, right?
Unicorns: "Nobody has a right to record everything we do and say online. Generation Internet has a right to access information online just as unmonitored and without inhibition as our parents read the paper.” Right on, anonymous.
Pattern Crimes: The richest families in Florence, Italy today are the same families who ran the place 700 years ago.
Progressively: American neocons – who've been remarkably quiet on the matter – must be delighted with their new Brazilian president; he chose a creationist to be his science minister, a man who deforested large tracts of the rainforest as agricultural minister and picked not a single woman for his cabinet.
Preventive Maintenance: Suzuki says it cheated on fuel economy tests even though it didn't need to do so.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Video: I was watching that on CNN while waiting for my Dr's appt yesterday and as you comment, even the clip they showed had no violence and Bernie's supporters are [for the most part] the 'adults' in the room.

They know Hillary supporters are in the same league as Trump supporters, mindless zombies, there's no point in antagonizing them because, stupid is permanent, only ignorance can be fixed.

The media regularly ignores candidates into oblivion but this time I suspect the public senses their otherwise 'invisible hand' [up their collective backsides] and is having a hard time beliving the Media's made up primary results.

Bernie keeps winning and the media keeps ignoring him, this won't end well.

Classof65 said...

"as the long-lasting decline in fright volumes continues to worsen"

I think the fright volumes are worsening, but you probably meant freight volumes...

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Yeah, well probably. Thx, correction corrected.

McMike said...

Re Groucho glasses. It is already illegal in fact to wear a mask in public, especially when the local gestapo declares a public assemblage unworthy.

I remember when I first heard about public facial recognition cameras, Super bowl 2001. I was duly outraged and inspired to go to the next game and hand out boxes and Groucho glasses as a pubic protest stunt.

Then 9/11 happened. And I figured the gag would not go down quite the same.