Monday, May 30, 2016

SAR #16151

There Is No Drought!Donald Trump, to Californians.
Eye Of The Beholder: The US has congratulated the leaders of the Brazilian coup for their support of democracy in overthrowing the democratically elected president.
Making Love to War: There are about 15,850 nuclear warheads in the world today. Russia and the US both have about 7,500 of them, leaving 300 for France, 250 for China, 215 to the UK and about 100 each for Pakistan, India and Israel. North Korea is thought to have a couple. Barack Obama, president of the only country to kill several hundred thousand civilians with atomic weapons, is proposing to spend $1 trillion on upgrading the US nuclear arsenal while hugging survivors in Hiroshima. I don't suppose this is the place to mention that more than 795 million people in the world do not have enough food.
Just In: Research shows that sharks have personalities. Sharks. The ones that live in the oceans. Not Donald.
The Check Cleared; Now that the Saudis have paid the US for all those cluster bombs they've been dropping on Yemeni civilians and those pesky Doctors Without Borders, the US isn't going to sell them any more. Don't worry, they won't go to waste.
That Hopey, Changey Thing: Various rather blind Democratic professionals keep licking their chops over Hillary as America's next president(R) entering the White House accompanied by massive 'down-ticket' victories on her coat-tails and banishing the R's to the back benches. Allow me to point out that Obama entered the White House with a 9 vote majority in the Senate, complete control of the House and promptly surrendered to Wall Street and the corporations and to the Republicans. And if you don't think Hillary and Bill are big money, did you and your spouse pile up $25 million a year lately? Besides...
She's Not Going To Win: Even if Secretary Clinton does not get indicted, which she should be because she obviously and admittedly has broken several sections of Title 18 of the US Code and then lied about it, she is unlikely to defeat Mr. Trump. Everybody keeps saying that Trump will not win. They've been saying that since the first primary. They kept saying it as he knocked 16 wanna-be's off the podium. People who say the Republicans will not unite behind Donald don't understand that they will unite under the ‘Never Hillary’ banner. Republicans will vote Republican – it's a tribal thing. Clinton does not enthuse - not those she considers hers already, and not those she thinks should support her, just because... Trump will inspire and motivate more first-time voters than any Republican in history. And he will win if she's the competition.
Stomp Out Food Stamps! Just as Republicans have feared, poor children who have access to food stamps become healthier and better off adults and may vote Democratic. We must act now to end this program and keep them in their place.
Reap/Sow: Airlines charge for bags, so shortsighted travelers opt to stand in line for a couple of hours so they can drag their luggage onto the plane with them instead of waiting 20 minutes at the end of the flight for their baggage. They'd rather make several hundred people wait in line than pay their own way. Don't blame TSA, blame the airlines and the cheap bastard with the roll-on bag.
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George Anderson said...

It's been a weekend for anecdotal the, er, 'relaxing' of China's 'one child' policy and how parents a little late to the party are turning to test tubes to play catch up.

Who thought this was a 'good idea?' [Only the capitalist 'wins' when there are more workers than jobs.] China is (naturally) headed in the same direction Japan is, an aging population and too few workers to take their place...but more automation will crack that problem, won't it?

Just because boneheaded capitalists are too 'dumb' to realize they are killing their own customer base when they automate doesn't mean the rest of us aren't being saddled with broken economy that the morons in government have no idea how to repair.

Between the global food crisis and the weather turning deadly just about everywhere you look and what do the Republican's do? Crank up another chorus of 'Drill, baby, Drill!'

We should be in the second decade of universal renewable energy but here is 'Capitalist Heaven' there is next to none.

How ironic that on Memorial Day perhaps we should be pondering 'What are we doing? On just about every front that matters!

Oh, wait, WE don't get to decide what matters!

Nevermind, go back to sleep!