Monday, May 23, 2016

SAR #16144

Budgetary Save: Oklahoma's governor saved the state a lot of money by vetoing the legislatures bill that said it was perfectly acceptable for a woman to have an abortion but a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion. Several million dollars would have gone into a doomed attempt to defend this idiocy up through the federal appellate courts.
Corrected Version: Creditors out to crush any trace of Syriza disobedience. What made them think it was limited to Greece?
Day Late...: It is claimed that “AI will create ‘useless class’ of humans”. We already have a “useless class” of humans, according to the capitalists - not needed for production and not wanted as customer. Look at it this way, if your job is not protected under the famous “free trade” agreements, you are part of the useless underclass.
Trust, But Verify: Taking a page from the auto industry and big banks, LinkedIn just revised its estimate of how many accounts were compromised by hackers back in 2012. It was over 100 million, not the 6.5 million they had previously admitted.
Ins and Outs: Donald Trump says “I'm not advocating guns in classrooms,” but maintains that “teachers should have guns in classrooms.”
This Doesn't End Well: Over any significant period of time rising house prices in the US cannot coexist with declining incomes.
Crime Marches On: If steps are not quickly taken, Australia's Great Barrier Reef will become “terminal” within five years. Steps will not be taken. If you are a Scuba diver, book your travel soon or it will look like the dead desert that the reefs off Florida have already become.
Big Gulp: The demand for food and water from ever swelling populations (especially in the world's megacities) will lead to exploding food prices, extreme water shortages, civil unrest and economic breakdown. As long expected and predicted.
If You Cannot Afford Your Prescription... Why is Big Pharma eager to help you pay for your medicine? Because they'll help cover your copay so the government will have to pony up the larger profits for them. You thought they had your interests at heart? Silly. Profits, thats the word.
Politically Incorrect: Someone finally got around to asking Native Americans what they thought of the Redskins. Pretty much they thought the name was fine, but a few winning seasons would make their approval of the team's name unanimous.
Merry Go Round: Five big banks and four traders have been sued for rigging worldwide prices of the $9 trillion market for government and government-linked agency bonds. It was a private lawsuit – obviously. The US Treasury (one of the victims) doesn't dare bring suit against Wall Street and will never actually name individuals as being crooks and thieves. .
Box Score: As of 5/21/16's Washington Post poll, it's Trump with 46% of the vote, Clinton 44%. In the “disliked” category they were tied, with 57% despising both.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

The poll from Planet Republican doesn't look promising but how pathetic is it that neither nominee is 'popular' with the majority of either party?

Day Late: Rightly said! Even without AI there have long been humans that consider the bulk of us 'surplus'...and you have to wonder where's THAT come from? Worse, it formed the foundation of the speech Romney gave to the big donors where he opined more than half of the nation's population were freeloaders seeking a hand out instead of a hand up!

What part of reality don't these morons understand? There's only so much room at the top and there's only so much that needs doing [although if we were doing it right we'd have full employment tomorrow! There's no shortage of shit that needs doing.]

Big Gulp: Yup, rightly said again (although WHEN the 'famine' comes, it will be 'artificial', largely due to 'mismanagement'.)

They'll be pulling environmental data out of their backsides for the sake of covering the same...

Classof65 said...

And now Trump's flip-flopping on Social Security...