Wednesday, May 18, 2016

SAR #16139

We will revolt... as soon as we figure out who “we” are.
Either/Or: Which is worse, that the Republican elite have lost control of their party, or that the Democrats haven't.
TSA Precheck: Whoever would have imagined that a program where citizens could pay for better treatment from “their” government would backfire? Who decided that forcing folks to wait three hours to get abused would encourage them to pay the government for the privilege of being searched?
Ooops: The CIA reports that their IG's office has “mistakenly” and “inadvertently” destroyed its copy of the Senate torture report at the same time the Justice Department was assuring a federal judge that copies were being preserved... somewhere. The Agency claims there's another copy somewhere at Langley, they think. But then, these are the same guys who destroyed hours of videotapes of the waterboarding torture of two “detainees”.
Friends: The US Senate has passed a bill that will permit September 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for damages. Think they know something we don't?
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me: Congress insists that 42,525 TSA employees is sufficient, and, perhaps it is, but the TSA is between 4,000 and 6,000 screeners short. But don't worry, they're going to hire an extra 768 by June 15 – but they're losing 100 a week, so pack light and get there three hours early. Better yet, take the bus.
Recycling: In a preview – or warning – of things to come, the Clinton campaign has assembled a “massive brain trust” made up of most of the policy wonks responsible for the mess we're in, both domestically and in our foreign adventures.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Quite true, Batman, there ain't no 'we' here; just as most of us can't figure out who they're talking about in that other famous rhetorical generalism, 'We the People.'

Doesn't the media do a splendid job of keeping us both polarized and divided?

Ironically, since there isn't a nickles worth of difference between either political party, which is to opine the differences are mostly 'cosmetic' when they both thake their marching orders from the same oligarchs...yet the media manages to keep us divided between two 'ideologies' despite there only bine ONE 'party...

Too funny!

George Anderson said...

take and being, respectively. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Which is worse?


Anonymous said...

About PreCheck - I'm a frequent flyer who initially got PreCheck through my Premier status on my carrier's FF program. I saw the benefits, so I signed up and paid for Global Entry, which gives me PreCheck and expedited lines at immigration, too. Even though I already have a low level security clearance through my job, I still had to do the interview, fingerprints, and questionnaire to qualify.

Shortly after I did, I started observing the TSA routinely pulling people out of the regular line and running them through PreCheck. I complained several times to the TSA that they were both undermining the benefit I had paid for, and more importantly, compromising the purported security purpose of the program. I was essentially told to shut up or risk losing my "privileges." So glad someone blew the whistle and exposed the total mismanagement of the program.

Classof65 said...

Why can't the families of the 9/11 victims just use domestic courts to sue Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice. I could also see Colin Powell suing the Group of Four -- after all, they ruined his life, too. And how about the families of all the soldiers who died in Iraq and those soldiers who were mutilated but didn't die? Not to mention all the tax-payers who were duped into trying to pay for the war...

The Group of Four have a lot to answer for.