Friday, July 8, 2016

SAR #16190

Not Good: The yield difference between 2- and 10-year Treasuries is just 0.8% - an all time low. At 1.367% on the 10-year notes, why aren't we rebuilding bridges and schools and hospitals and throwing up solar and wind systems all over? Sure, Republicans; but other than that? It's as free as money gets... we hope.
When It Rains, It Poors: The BLS says US employment increased by a massively unimpressive 38,000 jobs in May. More kids graduated high school in NYC than that. They also revised March and April's new job totals down to a combined 59,000. Economists were expecting a number north of 150,000. Then wowser! For June the BLS claims 287,000 jobs created.  One could get whiplash.
Un-expectations: A Federal judge has ruled that you do not have a “reasonable expectation of privacy” for the data on your computer. Cellphone. Ipad. Fitbit. Refrigerator and toaster, too, probably.
Freeing Trade: “An honest evaluation of how [previous trade agreements] played out produces clear evidence they haven’t worked well and in fact have not come close to the promises made.” But, says Lucy, it'll be different this time.
March 10, 2015: “I followed the law...” Hillary, at the UN.
Stirred, Not Shaken: At the end of June, Arctic sea ice was disappearing about 70% faster than normal for the season. Ice coverage is 100,000 square miles below the previous record low (June 2010). In the past 30 years ice coverage has vanished from an area twice the size of Texas.
Noted: “The anti-elite movement will have its day.” Felix Salmon
Adapt To Adopt: If you want to be Swiss, you gotta be Swiss. Muslims face fines up to £8,000 for wearing burkas in Switzerland and if you don't want to shake hands, swim with boys or show respect for Swiss customs, don't apply for citizenship. Don't dress funny either.
Whose World? Tony Blair stubbornly clings to his belief that the world is better as a result of the US/UK led Iraq War.
True Or False: The Obama administration claims that drone strikes only killed 116 civilians outside of combat zones, a figure drastically lower than estimates by various NGOs. True, that's what they claim.
Safety First: Tell your kids not to be black in America.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

How tragic is it that the overworked and underpaid [what's left of them] can't afford the kick to their tax bill that [badly needed] infrastructure improvements would add?

Let the billionaire class pauperize the populace and the majority of us will wallow in squalor.

Watched two episodes of 'Homestead Rescue' last night and boy did that show re-affirm the statement we are neck deep in stupid! First couple were 'free ranging' it with pigs [a pest everywhere below the Mason-Dixon line] and went, er, 'native' themselves [didn't bother building an outhouse for themselves...thought their scat was more useful as 'fertilizer' [despite human scat being too acidic to support plant growth.]

After arguing with the youngsters about the need to protect the preegnant sows from the randy boars the greenhorns relented and then got all squeamish about killing and slaughtering their 'extra' boar.

The second pair of 'freedom lovin', back to the land types bought an 11 acre squat on the side of a mountian with NO WATER! {which explains several abandoned buildings on the property. The people they bought the place off of couldn't make it work either!)

Now the 'fixer' dug them a greenhouse and installed a water tank while the fixer's son took the male homesteader hunting for the first time since they'd arrived...and in the follow up he hadn't been out after game again since, 50 days later.

Maybe because he didn't get anything the first time.

Probably a wake up call to our 'insulated' society that we have removed ourselves from the reality of processing food to the point where most of us have neither the skill or the courage to do what needs doing.

Little long but it was an interesting spotlight. Could pen a short book just dissecting the two hour long episodes.

Condensed message, if you're thinking about getting 'back to the land' think again! There are too many of us and not nearly as much game out there as you've been led to imagine.

Um, in more disturbing news today's NY Times headline read 5 Dallas police officers we killed during a protest against 'police violence'.

Talk about a 'red flag', this will be seen as a tipping point as the 'backlash' of hiring police who were former military then got caught up in 'stop-loss' and became 'accustomed' to shooting first and asking questions later while wearing their 'other' uniform.

Demetrius said...

I had a quiet chat with the toaster. It said that there was nothing to worry about but please don't switch it on when there is football on the TV.