Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SAR #16209

Schedule X? George Will, a well-known Republican oracle, claims that Donald Trump will not release his tax returns because they would show his close ties to Russian oligarchs. Is there a separate tax schedule where you list this sort of thing?
Das Auto: In the US, VW is offering up to $10,000 to those who fell victim to the company's emission level cheating. In Europe it is offering sincere apologies and not a pfennig more – because they don't have to.
Revelations: Under their new head, the DNC (Determined to Nominate Clinton) will avoid emails in order to avoid embarrassing ethical problems. Note that the behavior behind the ethical problems isn't going to change, they'll just try not to leave any traces. Sure the emails that showed the DNC conspiring against Sanders are bad, but worse are those that explain that the state committees got less than 1% of the money raised by the Clinton “joint fundraising” project while the Clinton campaign – either directly or indirectly – got the bulk of the funds.
True To Form: At a campaign appearance at the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, VA, Trump was unhappy with the air conditioning, so he has threatened not to pay for his use of the hotel.
Shoe/Foot: The same Clintonistas positive that the unsecured email server in Clinton's basement was never hacked by anyone, much less the Russians, are equally convinced that it was Vladimir's team that managed to hack the DNC server. That's why it doesn't matter that Clinton exchanged classified emails with subordinates on her server.
Noted: The problem with conspiracy nuts is that their limited imaginations.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Naturally Bernie's 'jilted' supporters want to form a Third Party and make a last ditch run at the White House but this redefines the term 'exercise in futility'.

Bernie either made it as a Democrat or he was scroomed. Congress is a 'two party' play house and the chances of capturing the white house AND enough seats in both houses of Congress is a longshot only a half a step removed from open rebellion.

Want 'change' we're gonna have to dump the whole system into it's own cesspool and start over. This time without electing ANYONE to make decisions in your name without ever consulting you!

It's the ONLY way and sadly, the only way to get there is the general strike.

Fighting will only result in needless killing, stop cooperating and they will have no choice but to listen.

George Anderson said...

Let me say that again a little more plainly: IF YOU DON'T LIKE HOW THINGS ARE GOING THEN STOP GOING ALONG WITH IT!


This doesn't have to be difficult, wake up!

Anonymous said...

I agree with parts of the above comments. That a political wildfire, of sorts, is needed in order to provide nutrients for the landscape to grow anew (that's enough of that analogy, but it's typed, so deal with it). But cowering and withholding support is probably equally satisfying to The Donald or Hillary if he or she is sitting in the oval. The GOP is pretty clearly ruined. The democrats will march on if Hillary is elected and she doesn't get impeached or start a nuclear war. If a third party pulls enough votes from Hillary to hand it to the guy who needs an apprentice, then I think the Democratic party will be in ruins, perhaps, providing an opening for more progressive characters.

Bernard Eckholdt said...

Your sarcasm is wonderful. i love the way you "put" it. lol. i laugh all the time i read how they are "joyfully" screwing us. lol. Please keep it coming!