Monday, July 25, 2016

SAR #16207

I find being satisfied unsatisfying...
Bouncing Ball: About 25% of all sea life depends on coral reefs, which will disappear within a couple of decades. Nearly 80% of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been hit by the current worldwide bleaching event.
Military Math: The US says it will continue coalition airstrikes on the Syrian city of Manbij, even though they have killed over 160 civilians, because the number of collateral deaths is bound to decrease as we keep killing them off. Fewer bystanders, y'know. So far the US coalition has dropped 50,000 bombs on (or near, or in the general vicinity of) ISIS. If they'd been able to kill just one ISIS fighter per bomb, the entire movement would be... well, dead.
Wordsmithery: Remove the unnecessary words from the following: America Keeps Lethal Nukes All Over Europe for No Good Reason.
Humpty Dumpty: To Verizon, 'unlimited data' means less than 100GB a month. If you use more than that, your 'unlimited' plan becomes limited. Very.
Takeaway: In an article criticizing China for trying to strengthen its economy by moving from an industrial manufacturing base to one based on domestic services and consumption, there's this: “ service sector jobs, while in general more labor intensive, are less productive for the economy than jobs in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.” Just like here.
Leaderslip: Trump, in his first speech after the convention, displayed his statesmanship by accusing Ted Cruz's father of killing JFK. Again.
Can You Hear Me Now? The Rolling Stones say that they had “politely” asked Trump not to use their music, but he ignored their request. Ditto with Queen, Adele, REM and Earth, Wind and Fire, as well as George Harrison's estate complaining about the use of his 'Here Comes The Sun.”
In The Second Place: Since Trump's VP choice became Indiana's governor, the taxpayers have given over $800 million to companies and have asked the companies to chip in less than $400 million. It's called corporate welfare.
Point Made: Let's face it, Hillary's problem isn't that she's a lawyer and a professional politician, that she's in the pocket of the banks and big money, that she is at base a warmongerer, or that she is an unlikable scheming manipulative liar. We've had lots of those and survived; but she's a woman. That's the problem.
One, Two, Three: This week it reached 129.1°F in Basra, Iraq and 129.2°F in Mitribah, Kuwait – the highest temperatures ever recorded. It was unseasonably warm in parts of the US, too.
Structural Reform: After the IMF/EU got through improving the Greek economy, more than 120,000 employees are paid less than 100 euros a month. Progress.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

The chairwoman of the DNC is stepping down but it appears she has already tapped her Maurader's Map and uttered 'mischief managed'. That said, it is misdirection to point at the particular meat-puppet without taking into account who is pulling the strings. [It's debatable if you can (never mind want to) put your hand up a meat puppet's backside...]

We can only speculate if the widespread 'disenchantment' has caused the recent cosmetic changes in the unpopular 'opposition party'. [Don't know who they are but they certainly aren't Democrats!] Again, hat tip 'Morning in America'

If nothing else the unpopularity compounded by a massive 'disconnect' with the voting public by BOTH mainstream candidates demonstrates just how badly broken the US political system really is!

Tulsatime said...

WORDS: I don't know about unnecessary, but lethal nukes is a tad redundant....

G-fan said...

Clinton's List of Accomplishments: You missed a few, such as "enabler of accused rapist/molester", "tax dodger", "nepotist"... Her list of qualifications are about as exhausting as if we had summed up all of our past presidents into one list.

Classof65 said...

But having said all that, G-fan, she's still better for us than Trump. I recently read that Trump intends to let Pence do all the work and Trump will sit back and take all the credit (or not, if the results don't please him).

Also read Michael Moore's article saying Trump can win and another article on AlterNet that lists the Republican Party's platform.

It just gets scarier and scarier.

G-fan said...

Class of 65

At this point the best possible world is a Trump Presidency with a Democratic Congress. That way one has a surpluss of incompetency and do nothing, vs. competent venal government by a warmonger.