Friday, July 22, 2016

SAR #16205

Details, Details: The current Trump tax plan would cost the taxpayers about $10 trillion while giving him a bit over $7 billion in benefits.
Alahu Akbar: In Chicago, 7 dead 53 wounded at a house party is not terrorism unless someone praises God. It's not even worth national mention. It's just Chicago.
Tiny Coffins: TX Gov. Abbot has quietly proposed an executive regulation (no legislative action involved) requiring that aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated. Guess who will have to bear the cost....
Don't Try This At Home: A massive effort is underway to relocate 500 elephants to new homes, safe from possible extinction.
Nutshelled: “The real objective of free trade [is] to lower wages and crush organized labor in order to boost profits.” Any questions?
Time Out: The US is said to be considering a 'pause' is suppling arms and equipment to the Nureddin al-Zenki rebels in Syria following their beheading of a 12-year old boy accused of being a member of the Al-Quds Brigade, another rebel group competing for the spoils of war dished out by the Americans.
Compassion: In Houston, TX, a bipolar rape victim who broke down on the witness stand in has been put in jail by the prosecutor to make sure she shows up to testify against her rapist.
Details: The Miami cop who shot an unarmed black hospital worker as he lay on his back with his hands in the air says he shot the man because... well, “I don't know.” Just seemed like the thing to do. His union rep says the officer had to shoot the man in order to protect him, like that village in Vietnam.
Lost And Found: during the 20th Century, Greeenland lost about 90 billion tons of ice a year. Between 2011 and 2014 it lost a trillion tons, three times the previous rate. The South may not rise again, but the oceans certainly are going to.
Noted: Reports claim that 100 Indian tanks have been deployed along the Chinese border in easter Ladakh province.
Promises, Promises: The very basic promise at the base of NATO is that an attack on one will be treated as an attack on all and every member will come to the defense of any member that is attacked. There is not a footnote, Mr. Trump, that lets the US or any other member change this basic commitment. Either the US keeps it treaty agreements or it becomes an untrustworthy rouge state.
The Enforcer: Donald 'Little Donnie' Trump, Jr. told those RNC members who did not make the Hegira to Cleveland to kiss his father's ass that “your careers are finished.”
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Welcome back and Happy Friday! Since it was highly unlikely anyone was going to stick their finger in the dyke during your absence, it is no surprise the collapse of what passes for civilization proceeds apace!

Indian tanks along the Chinese border, wonder what they're up to. Since the Chinese have adopted capitalism, I wonder if they've adopted it's motto as well [War is good business!]

This could be comical at the speed it goes sideways considering the Chinese have been 'modernizing' their military at a breakneck pace! [to be fair this alone has kept everybody else 'sharpening their swords' as fast as they could too!]

Since Rupert thinks we all 'mushrooms' [Let's be honest about who OWNS the media and what they think of the average citizen.] The press hasn't been telling us much about the 'quiet build-up' of the world's arsenals, favoring instead fabricated stories about bigfoot sightings [now THAT sell papers!]

So should WWIII break out on the Indo-Chinese border, whoopsie!

PROBABLY should have mentioned you need to scout out your closest [working/stocked] fallout shelter. Just in case.

Once the birds are 'on the wing' you only have ten minutes to reach cover!

Anonymous said...

Texas locked up a bipolar rape victim, and I'm not even shocked.

It is time for massive investment in mental health facilities, research, and treatment. It's not clear that treatment for mental disorders is all that effective, but it's presumably preferable to having the police and corrections systems be the practitioners for the mentally ill (likely a fair amount of potential patients among those fine folks too). It seems not just the right thing to do, but also a public safety measure to address the small percentage of those with mental disorders who become violent. I can easily imagine the deep despair when you couple mental disorders with a society that confronts them the same way as dangerous felons.

George Anderson said...

Well said Anon @ 11:32. The dismantling of the public safety net was one of the first casualties of Morning in America. It was part of Reagan's 'privatization' of the national healthcare system.

The question left unanswered is whether or not we have enough facilities to accomodate all the individuals with an IQ lower than 80 (Worse, seems a some of them managed to get elected to congress!)

So if we were faced with accommodating all those who believed 'privitization' was a good idea, the system would be overrun instantly!