Monday, July 18, 2016

sAR #16200

Cleveland, where elephants go to die.
Entrails: After the stock market hit all-time highs in October 2007, the economy entered recession two months later. The market hit a new all-time highs last week...
Rush To Judgment: The attacker in Nice, like the one in Orlando, was an alienated, troubled man. What he did was a crime and a tragedy. Orlando was not an act of terrorism, and there seems little evidence so far that the tragedy in Nice was either. The knee-jerk reaction of politicians to seek a military resolution is neither helpful nor appropriate.
Willful Suspension of Belief: The UK's reality-challenged new PM has appointed a climate-change denier as her Climate Secretary. She is also intent on giving the Secret Police Home Secretary the power to ban email encryption.
The Italian Job: Italy's banks hold about 360 billion euros in “non-performing loans” constituting 17% of all Italian bank loans and equal to about 20% of the nation's annual GDP. Further north in Europe this would be viewed as a problem.
Patience: Experts say that in two or three years – about the time the politicians stop posturing and authorize some money to fight the problem – the Zika outbreak will have infected so many of us that it will die off for lack of new victims.
Universal Solvent: While our corporate overlords and their owners have raked in the spoils of globalization, 70% of the people in developed countries have seen incomes stagnate.
The American Way: Newt I-wanna-be-important-again Gingrich wants all 3.3 million American Muslims to swear on a stack of Qurans that they reject the idea of Sharia Law, or be deported. More than that, really, for Newt said “of Muslim background” without defining how much Muslim blood despoils a true American.
Out Of Town Tryouts: A drone that resembles a bird has crashed in Somalia. No claim to ownership has been made by the US military.
Don't Hold Your Breath: Candidate Clinton, banking on the essential ignorance of the electorate, has pledged to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United ruling. She cannot keep this promise. An amendment requires a two-thirds vote in both Houses of Congress before it goes to the several states for their consideration and requires approval by three-quarters of the states.
Stary Stary Night: Exactly 48,741 out of 1,200,000 of 'em, sir. Galaxies that is. Or perhaps that should be 150,000,00.
Your Point Would Be? British MPs are claiming that previous PM David Cameron's Government had failed to curb international money launderers. This assumes that an attempt had been made.
Seems Like Old Times: South Korean President Park Geun-hye is squelching protests, suing journalists, and jailing opposition politicians. Not that any of this is unheard of in that bastion of well manipulated democracy.
A Parting Shot:


dodahman said...

I think her plan is to 'introduce' not 'pass' the amendment. But go ahead and take a swipe....I may be wrong. I often am.

George Anderson said...

The facts are often manipulated to fit the purpose, up to and including have you seen the latest? There's a new video making the rounds that informs us that the media can now legally 'propagandize' the public without recourse.

As you well know this means they can 'lie' with impunity and intentionally 'mislead' the public using false information.

The surprising part of this is the legislation is supposedly only 2 years old!

You can probably bet it 'grandfathers' all the lies that went before. again we don't know because locating this new legislation would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Re: Universal solvent, NOBODY is surprised by what amounts to 'the consolidation of market share' that has only benefitted the owner class (and putting them in their own 'class' is generous indeed as there aren't enough of them to fill a very small thumb drive.