Wednesday, July 13, 2016

SAR #16195

What are we standing on when we lecture other countries? Or invade them...
Hidden In Pain Slight: Two Congressional committees have asked the Justice Department to determine if the lies Hillary told during her Congressional testimony over her emails rise to the level of perjury. Probably not, because she undoubtedly had no intent to mislead.
Good Idea: 'Don't be a part of problem. We're hiring.' Dallas Police Chief David Brown.
Everythings Bigger: Twenty of the world's biggest TBTF banks have lost half a trillion buckeroos in market value this year. Italy's Unicredit has dropped 64% in value,. In the UK, RBS is down 56% and giant HSBC is down 24%, Deutsche Bank has lost 47% of its appeal; even Goldman has lost 20% of its book value.
Envy: Politicians in several Nordic nations are debating making a return to school mandatory for senior citizens. If only...
All Hands Decked: Putin has cashiered all of the senior and mid-level officers assigned to the Russian Baltic Sea fleet, apparently for not enthusiastically provoking NATO forces to respond to Russian harassment.
The Way Things Are:The U.S. continues to be in a post-credit-crisis recovery -- that means more deleveraging is to come and because of this, expect mediocre growth, job creation and retail sales for some time to come” Barry Ritholz
Cynicism R Her: The Clinton campaign has added a $27 button option to its online donor page.
Gag Me:Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her here today.“ Bernie Sanders, in a flat emotionless voice, kissing the ring. My heroes would have done better, but they are imaginary.
Restrained Enthusiasm: “I would rather attend the public hanging of a good friend,” GOP digital strategist Will Ritter on going to the Trump convention.
Salting The Mine: The Democratic platform statement on trade agreements (dictated by Hillary and her staff) is that they should be judged on “whether they raise wages, create good-paying jobs, and enhance our national security.” And that last phrase is what HRC will use to ram TTP and TITP and all the rest down our throats after she's sworn in. She only came out against TPP to ward off Bernie Sanders, before that she viewed it as “the Gold Standard” and praised it publicly over 40 times.
Hero Whoreship: Depositions reveal that revered football coach Joe Paterno knew of Sandusky's abuse of children as far back as 1976.
Porn O'Graph: On the Up & Up.
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George Anderson said...

The answer to today's rhetorical question/headline is 'beats me?' As far as I know nobody has a lock on 'holier than thou' despite it being the one of the traits that makes the ugly American ugly.

Can't say that I'm surprised about Bernie, it's a credit to him that he knows when to walk away.

Anonymous said...

What are we standing on when we lecture other countries? Or invade them...

We? Who is this we? One of the things they are standing on is our acceptance of this we.

Christopher Fay said...

The technique of drinking hot chocolate is hitting it so it's not too hot for your tastes and before it starts to cool and turn to waxy liquid chocolate.