Thursday, July 14, 2016

SAR #16196

Maximum sustainable debt” - an interesting concept.
Quoted: “I knew you weren’t going to answer our questions today and I apologize for wasting so much time here because it’s really not been very productive. It’s one of two things: Either you’re saying that to avoid the appearance of impropriety in which case you should have recused yourself, or you’re trying to protect Hillary Clinton.” Congressman David Trott to Attorney General Loretta Lynch after Lynch declined to answer over 70 questions about the FBI investigation of the Immaculate Deception.
New & Improved: The Republican platform says that coal is clean energy. Like a lot of things Republicans say, this is not true.
Lose Some Win Some: The 9th Circuit Court says it is a federal crime to visit a website after being told not to visit it. No, not if a court has told you not to visit – If I tell you I don't want you looking at SAR and you do, it's a crime. A Federal judge in Manhattan has ruled that using 'stingray' fake cell phones requires a specific warrant for each and every cell phone that the stingray sweep picks up.
Moral Builder: The new Chief Rabbi of the Israeli army says that the rape of the enemy's women during wartime is acceptable, as it tends to improve morale.
Playbook: Senate Leader Mitch McConnell used a whole lot of words to say that the Senate will not take up the TPP legislation until after the election, because neither party wants to take a stand for it until after the voters have been hoodwinked. It may have to wait until Hillary's inauguration.
Modesty: Clinton says Trump is most divisive candidate 'in our lifetimes'.
Slam Dunk: ExxonMobil, which is being sued in various courts for spending millions of shareholder dollars debunking global warming long after its own scientists had consistently warned of the dangers of burning fossil fuels since the 1970s, is still spending millions on pretend scientists, compliant think tanks and other scum to deny and delay public understanding of the dangers. Ought to make the trials rather brief.
Just Wondering: Will Bernie 'I'm An Insider Now' Sanders introduce Hillary 'The Revolution Dies With Me' Clinton at the Democratic Party/Wall Street joint board meeting in Philadelphia?
Once More, Without Feeling: Egypt's National Security Agency is regularly disappearing the regime's opponents – some as young as 14. Three or four people a day are scooped up, only to vanish without a trace.
Negative Rates Explained: The only reason anyone buys negative-yielding bonds is because they have to. One day there will come an end to this nonsense; try not to be caught in the stampede for the exits. “There's no doubt that there are and will continue to be unintended consequences...”
Square Dance: Quinnipiac University polls show Trump ahead of Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania and tied in Ohio. These are the three swing states that will decide the November election.
Can She Bake A Cherry Pie? Germany's Frau Merkel has explained to the UK's New Broom Theresa May that the UK will not be allowed to cherry pick nor make unilateral demands in the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Especially, she promised, the UK cannot have access to the EU single market if it places restrictions on immigration. Once the EU submits its proposals, the remaining 27 member nations will have to review them with an eye to protecting individual state interests.
Porn O'Graph: Indoctrination works...
A Passing Shot: Pope Urban VIII be damned.


Anonymous said...

Rape of females seems to be the only traditional Jews option left to the IDF and it's Rabbi. Their pleasure of of circumcision of the dead and captured (before biblical style genocide) is denied them by most male Muslims having acted first.

Obama funded with US tax dollars a Jewish Corporation's large scale circumcision in Africa as part of a WHO action, all in return for favorable political contributions.

George Anderson said...

Quoted, Playbook and Just wondering all seem to come under the rigid 'comply or die' mandate issued by the 1% after declaring 'Morning in America'. Hard to tell if it's luck or cowardice that has stayed their hand but they must be mighty convincing because NOBODY dares to cross them. [Probably something along the lines of an encounter with the fabled 'MIB'.]

What the hell is wrong when a sitting federal official pleads the fifth to a Senate investigation/witch-hunt?

Is she keeping her silence under the pain of death or is our 'justice system' that screwed up? [If you or I pulled that stunt we'd be facing years in Gitmo for 'contempt', nevermind losing everything we had!]

The only thing saving Ms Lynch (for now) is the misguided desire of the power-mad to 'preserve the sanctity' of the office, to keep it's reputation 'above reproach'. (When everybody knows it's more than a little too late for that.)

William Day said...

With the mainstream voices of the American "progressive" calling for the election of Ms. Clinton and the obvious rejection of Mr. Sanders by rank and file progressives, perhaps it is time to call B.S. when anyone tries to float the idea that the liberals have caused x,y or z. Personally I call B.S. when anyone tries to opine there is such a thing as an American liberal. Could someone please explain the difference between the corruption of John Mitchell and Ms. Lynch? How about clarifying the difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. My arsenal of unprintable rhetoric is primed and ready.
Populism - currently a sneer word. Did we not just celebrate a holiday inspired by the writing of our nations most famous populist? What holiday do we celebrate in memory of the writing of John Adams? Perhaps the anniversary of the first Watergate convictions.
Eschew Obfuscation