Thursday, July 28, 2016

SAR #16210

In choosing a leader we are agreeing to be led.
Trumped Card: The Donald has invited a foreign power to illegally access State Department records and private emails to help him win the presidency, and in return he would, as President, he’d recognize Russia’s right to Crimea as he turns NATO into a protection racket.
Levitation: While the US stock markets are hitting new highs, orders for durable goods continue the longest decline in US history. While the data jumps a lot month to month – this month was impacted by a plunge in aircraft orders which offset the previous month's gain from transportation orders – the long term direction continues downward.
More For Less: Reports show that the more a CEO is paid, the worse his company performs. Makes sense, they are too busy looting their companies to actually manage anything but their retirement portfolios. For example, Marissa Mayer at Yahoo.
Too Big Is Failing: Deutsche Bank, one of the world's largest TBTF institutions is failing. Its 2Q net income fell from €818 million last year to a paltry €20 million this; a 98% drop. Heads will roll, from middle management and the clerical staff no doubt.
Indisposed: As the atmosphere's CO2 levels grow, so does the amount of CO2 dissolved in the ocean, and that increases the water's acidity which in turn significantly decreases the level of reproduction by fish.
You've Been Warned: The Olympic Committee has ruled that people and organizations who have not bribed a Committee member are prohibited from tweeting about the Olympics. That means you.
Even Worser: It seems that even scientists have been astounded by the rapid response of the earth's climate to increased CO2 levels – they knew things were going to get weird, but didn't expect the heat and the downpours and the storms to turn up so soon or to be so extreme.
Inslight: Fox Nattering Nabob Bill O'Reilly cautions Americans not to take Michelle's observation that she “wakes up every morning in a house built by slaves” too seriously because those particular slaves “were well-fed and had decent lodgings.”
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

I'll save you having to Wiki "Crimean Status Referendum," by telling you that that 96.77% voted in favor of rejoining Russia (emphasis on "re" because Crimea was Soviet not that long ago. The pro-Russian Ukranian government, using a very generous term, was replaced by an anti-Russian government. This was a logical decision in my opinion. I have zero clue why anyone in the US would be mildly concerned with this.

Thomas Stone said...

Trumputin is the 'Pink Lady"!
OMIGOD, a transgendered RUSSIAN MOLE might be our next president!!
Has anyone seen his original birth certificate...

G-fan said...

Trump isn't a nice man, but it's clear that what he implied is that everyone is claiming the Russian's already hacked the DNC (and already hacked Hilary's illegal, private server (which would not be US State Dept property if we're going to pick nits).

Trump is good enough at sticking his foot in his mouth, but when the press mis-quotes, "re-interprets" or otherwise twists the words that come out of his mouth, they degrade themselves. Don't join them in this journey to no where.

mc said...

This is the second day in a row when you have bought and sold the Clinton BS as reality regarding both Trump and Russia. The greatest threat to our future is the Clinton's insistence that we and no one else are the "indispensable nation" by God and no one, not even a nation that can annihilate us and the rest of the world can get in our way. You generally seem to be a decent human being with some sense, but your embrace of this dangerous nonsense so constantly is not just disheartening. It calls into question how much credibility we who click here regularly should give your other links. Please think about this seriously.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Oh, blather. I don't care, we don't care who gets to run things in Crimea. But he who would be president should - at a very minimum - phrase things a tad better.

As for me and Hillary - I am less than enthralled with her and Bill and wish they'd both go away. Say 20 years at Leavenworth.

I was and am a Bernie sort of guy and short of moving to Mauritania do not have much in the way of options this fall.

Trump seems to delight in finding a new way to mess up every day, while Hillary seems to be the same mess day after day. Both are doing little to improve. She, at least, is in provable contact with the real world.

Besides, it's her turn! Like when she was 7 or so and wanted something the other kids had. Donald, at the same age, punched the kid and took the toy. He doesn't get a turn.

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon, you'll remember me as "anonymous" from above.

In the absence of a more transparent government, outlets like Wikileaks are providing refreshing sunlight where there has been none. If the emails that Hillary handed over were sufficient to levy criminal charges on those of us with a palpable heartbeat and sliver of a conscious, then I'm fine with a third party telling us what's in those she deleted.

So you say he should phrase things a tad better (most politicians just lie). He thinks provoking the other country with lots of things that make big explosions is not a good idea. I agree. I don't care if he puts it to music, sings it on autotune, all up in my kitchen while picking over food in my refrigerator.

Most of his other ideas are bad.

I like your blog.

George Anderson said...

Mr. Trump is a product of 'capitalist opportunism'. Yet one more sign that the current system is FUBAR [despite the widely held opinion that capitalism is 'repairable' somehow.]

Indeed, today's headline makes a very salient point and one we should rectify 'come the revolution' [How sad is it for the rest of us that the revolution will FOLLOW the collapse rather than precede it?]

The only thing sadder will be the survivors that moronically attempt to restore the failed civilization without first making the necessary adjustments.

Uncle Tom Obama is 'passing the baton' and his 'legacy' [of non-prosecution] to the woman that agreed to step aside for him 8 years ago.

Just because no cash changed hands 'quid pro quo' is still dirty. She's a 'DINO' that didn't deserve to be president 8 years ago and she doesn't deserve it now!

Using Bernie to 'lead the faithful to slaughter' didn't go over well either as it only cements the idea that our political system is beyond our control!

Who will be 'surprised' when Bernie announces his retirement from politics in the not too distant future?

Not this kid.

kwark said...

At this point it's difficult for me to get too excited about anything from either the Trump or Clinton camp. Or what passes for either of the parties "leadership" for that matter. Both candidates are serial liars and I get the feeling that both only act like they give a damn about any of us when the microphone or camera is on.

It's truly a great time for America when the first female candidate for president is both unlikable and unscrupulous and the first Republican candidate in 100 years with positions(supposedly) with any pretense to "populist" is even more unlikable and unscrupulous, and a racist bigot to boot. I'm sure either will make America great again. And if you believe that, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

George Anderson said...

Touche~ and well said! kwark!

Bernard Eckholdt said...

That Trump openly speaks Republican "code,"aka "Lee Atwater's" White Segregationism, or that Hillary is more evil than Trump could ever be, kind of says it all. the choice between the "Orange Nazi at the Gates" or the Goldman Sach "Rep" for the running of the Plantation. Gosh, the labels for these "two" sides of the Money Party is an endless gimmee. we've had the Black Overseer, now it's turn for the Female Plantation Overseer.

You might think the NSA would just release all the Hillary emails, rather than let some third world dictator be accused of stealing the "Limelight."

To live in the American version of the Weimar Republic is not a thrilling or welcoming prospect. the Class war upon working Americans is succeeding beyond the 1%'s wildest imagination. just look to Latin America, especially Honduras, El Salvador, Venezula, et al. to get a glimpse of what this Exceptionalism will turn this country into.

with such easy prey, the American public, via the "Corporate Media" has us doing what the Elites want.

i mean, who could ask for more! the Rich do, and their "agents/the DNC/RNC/Corporate America will continue to bleed us till Bangladesh will look like a 1st world "society." such a rosy future for all Americans.

ain't we got fun!