Thursday, August 4, 2016

SAR #16217

Ransom: Following in Ronnie's footsteps, the Obama administration airlifted $400 million to Tehran to get the Iranians to release four American hostages and sign the nuclear arms treaty. Compared to Reagan, Obama got a good deal. We're a repeat customer, y'know.
ISIS/al Qeada Explained: The US is set to give billions to Israel to help them continue their genocidal pogrom against the Palestinians, while Netanyahu whines that it's not enough. How much longer will our unearned guilt force us to keep increasing Muslim terrorism?
Quarterback Sneak: Obama says he intends to finesse the TPP treaty past the American public in December, so Hillary won't have to go back on her word in February.
Conspiracy! Scientists around the world agree that 2015 hit nearly every possible record for global warming. Look at it this way, the earth is on simmer and getting hotter hour by hour.
The Day After: “What happens after Trump loses the election, and hundreds of thousands of his followers—fed on a diet of anger and rage— take to the streets?
Naming Names: Turkey says that USMC General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, planned the attempted coup against Erdogan. No wonder it failed.
Essay Assignment: In several hundred words or less, please explain to Donald Trump why he, as president, cannot use nuclear weapons whenever where-ever he wants, even if the military has a brand new supply of them.
Fill In The Blank: _________ doesn’t actually want to be president.
Noted: "Without growth, a credit-based economy ultimately devolves into Ponzi finance, and at some point implodes..” And we've not had detectable growth in quite some time.
Entrails: “Even as unemployment hovers near a six-year low, U.S. companies say they have no plans to make increases to the money they set aside for pay raises next year”.
Porn O'Graphic: There are rain bombs in your future.
A Parting Shot:


origin said...

re: The Day After

It has occurred to me that in this day of electronic voting delivering the candidate that the powers that be want, it will be interesting indeed to see what will happen when/if Trump actually gets a large majority of votes according to every exit poll, but somehow Hillary still wins by a landslide.

Will the electronic voting system finally be seen as the fraud it is? Will Trump's minions take to the streets starting a civil war? Will everyone be distracted by some false flag catastrophe a la 9-11? Will the economy and climate be so bad by November that no one gives a shit who wins? Or, much more likely, will TPTB decide that Trump is unstoppable and decide it's better to be his partner than his enemy?

Gegner said...

Hard to guage how much 'support' The Donald really has...also difficult to guage is just how 'fed up' is the US voter? Should be 'good and frustrated' because the 'lack of choice' has been stunning for the last dozen election cycles. Ironically, Nixon/McGovern was 'night & day' but since then the only difference between the candidates was the letter that followed their name.

Same crap, different wrapper.

The now totally 'schizophrenic' voter has Democratic ideals and thinks they are Republicans! [Thanks to a self-serving media that keeps public opinion 'on message'.]

Could this mind-f____ explode with unimagined ferocity? Absolutely but the young and clueless are terrible at organizing and again, it's difficult to guage just how effective 'isolated incidents' will be.

Voting for someone who has absolutely zero obligation to keep their campaign promises SHOULD sour the public on voting for someone tl make decisions in your name without ever asking you...and probably why voters stopped seeking candidates they 'admired'...or trusted.

In the end it's hard to guage just what a voter focuses on when it comes to choosing a candidate after the age of forty [theoretically old enough to know better...but apparently still too stupid to care.]

Which is to opine the whole set-up stinks and we should scrap the entire mess. If you want your vote to count, we should vote directly on the law. We don't need legislators to 'craft laws' [If you don't understand what you're voting on then it's a 'bad law'] No 'weasel wording' would be one of the laws governing proposed legislation put forth for the public's consideration.

It would only be a CF if we let it turn into one.

I'm sure you can barely understand this as I charged straight off the reservation about five sentences it med time yet?

Unknown said...

As long as TPP passes we are screwed. world government via Business/TPP is what Obama wants his legacy to be. Who needs Republicans anymore.

Gegner said...

I don't think the 'meatpuppet' has much say on what their 'legacy' will be, just as anybody seeking the office should NOT desire it solely for their page in the history books.

The meat puppet take the heat for the unpopular decisions they have no hand in.

Bobo will bow out of 'public life' rich, his reward for a job well done, serving his constituency, the Haves an the Have Mores...Probably better to run as a R because they almost never haul you out of mothballs to drum up customers for the great ongoing fraud know as the election cycle.

Which is to opine we are already scroomed, TPP or TTTP or whatever they call it these days. The ballot box is just for show and your vote is the ultimate 'exercise in futility'.

The Seditionist said...

The $400M to Iran was money owed, a ransom in timing only (maybe, probably).