Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SAR #16222

Good News: Libya has become “the frontline” of the US war against ISIS, replacing Syria, where things haven't been going so well. It's part of Hillary's advance planning.
Child's Play: Police in the UK say that there is not enough room in their jails for all the pedophiles, even though large numbers of high ranking politicians and public figures are exempt from prosecution in order not to embarrass the Queen or former Pms. The police also complain that they are spending too much time and effort monitoring them once they are released. They suggest changing the punishment from incarceration to education. Why not just shoot them?
Arming the Enemy: The US has shipped a new bunch of F-16s to Iraq, which will eventually give them to ISIS or the Iranians. But it's good for the US armament industry.
Gobbleization: Something fundamental is broken in the global economy. Economic growth in advanced nations has been weaker for longer than it has been in the lifetime of most people on earth. It is what caused the cheap gasoline for your aging car and the even cheaper interest rates on your savings. In the US, 81% of population has had flat or declining income over the last decade. It is 97% in Italy, 70% in the UK, 63% in France – which goes a long way in explaining Trump, Brexit, Le Pen and the rest. US per-person GDP growth has dropped from 2.2% over the last half of the 20th Century to a disastrous 0.9% over the last 15 years, Western Europe and Japan have done even worse. The pie is getting smaller.
Default: The Swiss Supreme Court has ordered Israel to pay Iran $1.2 billion it owes from a joint oil deal back in the 1970s. And bake them some cookies, too.
Overpopulation: We've managed to go through a full year's supply of natural resources like water, food and clean air in the first seven months of the year. No seconds, stay in line.
Advise And Dissent: Trump's economic team: Larry 'free-market' Kudrow, Arthur Laffer and the idiots who helped San Brownback drive Kansas' economy into the ground. The essentials of his plan will be to lower most taxes and eliminate the estate tax (which only affects those with over $6 million to leave), eliminate most federal regulations, build the Keystone pipeline, increase global warming and start a few wars to sop up the unemployed.
Tone Deaf: BP plans to replicate the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster in the Great Australian Bight Marine Reserve.
Educational Visit: A team of scientists who toured the Noah's Ark theme park in Kentucky discovered that the only scientifically accurate signs were those that pointed to the rest rooms.
A Parting Shot:

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Gegner said...

What started as the battle to solve 'market saturation' has morphed into the battle to consolidate market share [can YOU say 'MONOPOLY'?]

by creating roughly 1,500 'billionaires' they created 7 billion
'paupers'. Yes, the vast majority of us live hand to mouth while the 'insiders' enjoy more than they can spend...[ironically creating the problem in the first place...]

Unrecognized in this 'turmoil' is the lack of investment opportunity. Now the people that have accumulated huge piles of cash have no place to put it.

Again, no irony should be lost on the fact this is due to the global race to the bottom, the drive to squeeze incomes so more profit can be extracted. Now there is no 'free cash' in the economy to pay interest, thus there is no investment.

The only way to, er, 'capture' higher than 'market average' returns is to buy 'charged off debt' [for pennies on the dollar] and then sic the legal system on the debtors.

Nice place the Neo-Con/Libertarians have made for us, eh?

Welcome to 'free market hell!'