Friday, August 26, 2016

SAR #16239

Aren't most religions based on faulty death perception?
Noted: While you are sputtering about Mylan's $600 EpiPens, consider this: The American taxpayer funded 100% of research used to develop this no longer affordable lifesaver.
Let's You and Him Fight: In Syria, Turkish-backed rebels are fighting US-backed rebels in Aleppo, and on the border, US-supplied Turkish tanks are attacking US-supplied Kurds.
Quick Draw: On the UT campus in Austin students are openly carrying holstered dildos, carrying signs that say “Cocks not Glocks.” It will turn out to be illegal to carry a dildo without a license.
Lowest Bidder: Thousands of helmets produced for the US military by federal prisoners turned out to be defective.
Clarification: The Clinton Foundation is not gag-me gross because it pressures domestic and foreign outfits to 'donate' in hopes of getting access, but rather because they call it a charity. It is not. It is a combination lobbying firm and an employment sinecure for their family and friends. What they are doing is at least marginally acceptable in Washington. What isn't is pretending it is a charity. It is not. What Jimmy Carter does is charitable.
Interesting: The GOPers are trying to make a big deal out of the US returning $1.3 billion that it had been holding for over 35 years after failing to deliver arms that Iran had paid for before they deposed our guy in 1979.
Either/Or: While armed French cops are forcing middle-aged Muslim ladies to remove their burkinis, the RCMP has unveiled a rather attractive hijab that makes up part of the official uniform for Canadian Muslim women who want to become police officers.
Empire: The US Treasury is telling the EU not to force Apple to comply with their tax laws, because they don't have to here in the US. But why should they pay US taxes? Apple is a Chinese manufacturing outfit with some design offices in California and sales worldwide. Apple pretty much doesn't pay taxes anywhere, certainly not in the US.
Headline:Turkey makes first major foray into Syria with assault on IS.” I'm sorry; going into the woods to pick blackberries is a 'foray', as is venturing into a mall on back to school weekend. Invading another country is not a 'foray'.
Bless 'em: The University of Chicago tells its incoming freshmen that the whole point of going to college is to be challenged, and that UC intends to do that – without much attention to “safe spaces” or political correctness. You want your mommy, stay home.
General Nonsense: A man, angered that a neighbor's tree was dropping sap on his car, grabbed his chain saw and felled the offending tree. Right onto his own house. A Swedish cop refused to investigate a case of alleged groping because the victim had “gigantic breasts.” Back in the US of A a homeowner called the police to report his car being stolen. The cops promptly responded and shot the homeowner; he was black. Some cops in Colorado have been reprimanded for playing Pokemon Go on duty. In Cormorant, MN, Doug has been reelected to a third term as mayor. Doug is a dog.
A Parting Shot:


Gegner said...

How about that Friday again and silent as the grave around here! What can we say that hasn't already been said?

What you need to understand, dear reader, is this crap keeps on happening BECAUSE YOU PUT UP WITH IT!

Want it to end? Stop putting up with it!

Global Strike, November 9th 2016 Stock up because the strike continues until the BS stops!

Unknown said...

Re: George Anderson
Will be on the picket line with you. Mr. Jefferson feared that justice would not sleep forever. I tremble to think that perhaps justice has completed it's slumber and will be serving the dish best served cold on November 8th.

Anonymous said...

Small correction regarding your Either / Or article. That should read RCMP and not!

P.S. Long time fan of your efforts and yours is the first site I visit everyday.

Thank you / Merci !

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Well, Dudley certainly wanted to Do Right, so I made the corrective. & Thanks.

kwark said...

Re George Anderson: A concept that's become so alien to Americans that I'd guess the first problem will be explaining to average Joe and Jane just what a picket line is. . . and why it's not a socialist plot to take their Glock, or whatever.

Classof65 said...

Where are you going to strike and why? Or, please provide a link to a site about the strike...

Gegner said...

The reason the 'revolution' will not be televised is because the people haven't been given something to 'revolt for'.

I drafted A Simple Plan as a foundation to replace the current system, you can find excerpts of the plan on my blog (blogger) of the same name, although I currently blog as 'The Futurist' under gegnerspeaks@

Yeah, I'm calling for a 'general strike' because toe to toe with the military will only get you killed.

Look at Occupy (and learn!) Zero achieved and the cops eventually ran them off. All any of them accomplished was getting their names on a watch list.

This (my proposal) is one of the biggest 'leaps of faith' ever undertaken. Worse, unemployment is so bad you won't be able to judge the effectiveness by anything other than the traffic...which is eerily light lately anyway.

IF participation grows we could become a force to be reckoned with but the 'seeds' are still being sown. Need to get the word out!

Gegner said...

CORRECTION: One was taken over by the other and I just spotted they went with the other name so disregard the initial post.