Friday, August 19, 2016

SAR #16232

Ownership is a zero sum game.
Either/Nor: Reports claim the US is transferring 50 nuclear weapons from the airbase at Incerlik, Turkey to Romania for safekeeping. Other Reports claim they are not.
Here And There: The differences between soldiers stationed in our various overseas territories and police patrolling our streets are becoming less and less. And who do you think the DA works for?
Reality Check: A small ice cream shop in Anacortes, WA was saved because multiple Pokéstops nearby drew a new customer base to the neighborhood. How long before buying Pokéstop placement becomes a routine business expense?
'H' Is For Hillary: As in “hawk.” Period.
Global Warning: While a very small portion of the world's population worries about global warming, Chinese airlines are seeking to hire about 100 pilots a week for the next 20 years to meet the nation's increased demand for air travel. Air travel spews more CO2 than any other way to travel.
Fingerprints: Apparently a quid pro quo must be explicit, timely and recorded before it rises to the level of corruption.
Switcheroo: Those who claimed Obama paid $400 million to Iran to ransom 4 Americans got it backwards; Obama held $400 million of Iranian money until Iran paid a 4 hostage ransom to get their money back.
Unintelligent Design: In the Dagestan region of Russia, which is mainly Muslim, both the Senior Orthodox Priest and the senior Muslim cleric are calling for all women to undergo Female Genital Mutilation because God created "woman so that she could give birth and bring up children" and mistakenly equipped them with the physical ability to actually enjoy sex. And their husbands – are scared silly that they won't measure up – and so criticize God for his handiwork.
Lifetime Award; Hillary has been lying to the US public for over 20 years, starting long before she blamed a “vast right-wing conspiracy” for getting Monica and Bill together and continuing thru last week when she repeatedly lied about lying to the FBI. Why all the lies? Because that is who she is.
Blackmail: Aetna is pretending that Obamacare is destroying its business, but managed to pay its CEO $27.9 million last year. And the threat to withdraw from offering individual ACA coverage turns out to be simply a negotiating position in Aetna's attempt to force the government into approving its merger with Humana.
Pretty Please: Cops in Cincinnati – where the police union wants extra pay to wear body cameras – and in Boston – where not a single officer volunteered to wear a body camera – seem to think we work for them.
Porn O'Graph: Can't get there from here... and won't.
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Gegner said...

In a world that must be shared, ownership is a curse upon our species. Enough said. Until we eliminate 'ownership' we will not succeed in reining in greenhouse gases.

Until we 'clean house' in the Justice Dept, the 'above the law' crowd will continue to condone policing that is perfectly fine with strong-arming/killing civilians.

And until we overhaul our political process [including a NEW constitution, one the protects human rights!] we will not regain control over the operating system that fails to provide opportunity for more than two thirds of the adult population!

We need CHANGE and we need it NOW!

Happy Friday everyone!