Thursday, August 25, 2016

SAR #16238

Not everyone has your good taste.
Third Time's A Charm: There is a humongous crack spreading across the Larsen C ice shelf, leading to fears that it will break off like Larsen A (1995) and Larsen B (2002) did. The crevasse was first noticed in 2011 and by 2015 had grown to be about 600 feet wide and 18 miles. Now scientists report that the crack has grown another 13 miles in the last 4 months, reaching a total length of 80 miles and nearly 1,000 feet wide. The shelf will eventually fall off. Place your bets.
Inspiring, Very Inspiring: After Mrs. became Secretary of State, Mr. Clinton got $17.6 million from a for-profit university, for going around the world “inspiring people.”
One More Time: For all of you who are wondering why Mylan Drugs (formerly a US company) can sell 60 cents worth of epinephrine in a 27 cent dispenser for $608, repeat after me: Capitalism. There, feel better? Senator Manchin's daughter does, she's the CEO and makes $19 million a year – without a graduate degree.
For Your Enlightenment: “The broader national economy is in good shape: We’re at full employment, and inflation is well within sight of, and on track to reach, our target. Under these conditions, it makes sense for the Fed to gradually move interest rates toward more normal levels and begin throwing people out of work.” John C. Williams, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, ignoring the fact that central banks appear not to have the faintest clue about how the economy works. But they are pretty sure that the next crash – and thre is always next crash – will require another $4 trillion in Quantitative Easing – it worked so well the last time.
Dough Nation: About half of the people Secretary Clinton held private meetings with at the State Department had donated money to the family employment/retirement scheme.
Right Again: "It is now clear that the Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt enterprise in political history." Damn, Donald's nailed another one..
D'ya Want Fries With That? Hillary Leave-the-cash-on-the-Dresser Clinton held a person-to-person event for about 55 people at Justin Timberlakes's home. Only $33,400 per person, lunch included.
War, What War? US attack helicopters are providing close air support in battles against ISIS in Libya. Quite who we are rooting for isn't real clear, but there's always the oil.
The Headline: The Fed Is Now Hostage to Wall Street. Now? Really, just now?
A Parting Shot:


Demetrius said...

One more time, as a UK carrier of these with a youngster (OK not so young) in the USA also a carrier this was of major interest. Given the potentially critical nature of the condition that Epipens are needed this is not just robbery lay down your arms but robbery lay down your life for corporate profit.

Anonymous said...

Only 31,000 people need to buy an epipen to pay the CEO's salary. Probably a few other exec's at the company.

Gegner said...

Until global unity is achieved there will be no concerted effort to, er, 'mitigate/cushion' the effects of global warming/climate change.

Will this threat to our continued well-being be the 'hammer' that facilitates the goal of uniting humanity against a mutual threat?

Sort of begs that other question, what will it take to unites us against those who preach hate solely to enrich themselves...(which also serves to make us their thralls?)

Ignorance is a terrible thing!

Gegner said...

Sorry about the 'fat fingers' [unite] damn 'chicklets'!

Anonymous said...

I understand that Epipens typically cost around $100-125 CAD$ across the border in Canada.