Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SAR #16244

Politicians keep hitting the same nail over and over on the general theory that they are right and the damned nail doesn't know better.
Point Made: The knee jerks are complaining that Colin Kaepernick should be ashamed for exercising the rights our soldiers have died to give him, especially Mr. Trump who finds the exercise of our freedoms reprehensible.
Noted: Our energy grid is incredibly vulnerable to climate change. So are our coastlines, our food supply and, oh yes, our children.
Particularly Busy: Italy, which has sufficient problems of its own, dragged nearly 6,500 migrants from the Mediterranean in 40 separate rescue operations off Libya in a single day. We genuflect to the Stars and Stripes and pretend to care. The Italians show they care, then do, then go out and do it again.
Good Question:If Washington is willing to provide health insurance to many of your state’s residents — and in so doing pump dollars into your state’s economy — why wouldn’t you say yes?” Because you are a Republican running one of the 19 states that are still refusing free money, denying health care to millions. Just because they can.
Friends of Friends: Saudi Arabia, which has been sending large cargos of weaponry to al-Qaeda groups in southern Yemen, is now equipping 5,000 al-Qaeda fighters to do their dirty work in Yemen because the Yemeni rebels have been regularly defeating SA troops in the north.
Validation: The Clinton Foundation proves that anyone who figures out how the system works can work the system. The Clinton's single-minded pursuit of power and riches should serve as a bed-time story for all our children.
Porn O'Graph: Who's what.
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

It's vital that the discussion be focused on the method of protest, rather than the underlying circumstances that motivated the individual to protest. It's more comfortable this way.

Gegner said...

Conservatives whine about 'political correctness' crushing their ability to express themselves then they turn around and denounce the individual with a valid point who protests silently.

I, for one, am sick and tired of having my 'patriotism' questioned every time some idiot waves a flag in my face!