Wednesday, August 10, 2016

SAR #16223

Constitutional Law: Donald Trump says that only “the Second Amendment people” can keep Hillary from appointing justices to the Supreme Court. He says that was a joke. He isn't.
Drip By Drip: As the Arctic melts and the seas rise, radiation from the past along with “excessive concentrations of mercury” are being released, along with anthrax and other biologic threats. And out to sea the warming waters are breeding cholera-causing bacteria.
The Free Ride: None of the $100 million spent on TV ads since the conventions has come from the Trump campaign. It gets all the coverage it needs (and wants) from the media, for free.
Recess Record: Even with Congress in recess, the hot air in DC has remained above 70 for 34 days in a row, a 145 year record. Alaska, Florida, and New Mexico had their hottest Julys on record. Every state in the Union is warmer-than-average so far this year.
Eggs! The pressure to report positive findings from research is at least partially responsible for many of the irreproducible findings in medical journals. That's big-people talk for 'fraud'.
Wolf, Wolf! Ukraine claims a Russian invasion is possible “at any minute.”
The Boys Next Door: An unlikely bromance has sprung up between Turkey's Erdoğan (who needs a friend) and Russia's Putin (who wants a pipeline).
The Spills of War: The Saudis are bombing Yemeni food factories while waiting for130 Abrams tanks from the US, the French are selling Kuwait $1.1 billion worth of attack helicopters. Remind me again about why al Qeada and ISIS hate US – even though they keep scooping up the military gear we leave behind when we run away.
Entrials: Since 2007, about 110,000 box cars have been taken out of service and only 8,500 cars have been built to replace them.
The Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that those weapons were not "captured" or "found." Seems to me this is more like laundering the weapons through less atrocious actors, before they land in the hands of our stated enemy. Did I go all conspiracy theorists there? When things keep happening...

Gegner said...

Not necessarily Anon @ 9:07, hard to justify spending billions treating the endless stream of casualties flowing out of the, er, 'conflict' if the terrorists run out of funding or are too easily overpowered.

In order to conduct a war on terror, terrorists are a vital ingredient. Which is to opine it wouldn't be the first time both ends have been played against the middle, for some impressive profits along with the 'hearts, minds and mostly 'the imagination' of an unsuspecting/gullible public.

Unsuprisingly, few have tumbled to the notion that the GWOT isn't about terrorism, it's about promoting a perpetual state of emergency the can be used to absolve government for any number of attrocities.

Classof65 said...

"Entrials" Infrastructure maintenance also plays a part. If the cars built fifty years ago were built stronger and today's cars are manufactured less strong with a shorter life-span and the track and bridge infrastructure has been allowed to crumble due to less allocation of resources to maintenance, aren't we going to see more failures (accidents) as seem to be happening more often nowadays? How do the railroads expect to grow their business/market share with that kind of performance record? I realize that replacing employees with computerized trains would save some significant expenditure, but not without considerable funding for track and bridge maintenance.