Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SAR #16237

Under current rules, does the quo have to be synchronous with the quid?
Priorities: Obama has finally made the obligatory tour of the flooded areas in and around Baton Rouge, drawing withering criticism for not imposing the strains of a Presidential visit on the battered area earlier (and honoring the governor's request that he not visit earlier). Not that his presence did any actual good, FOX and company wanted the photo op. The people are a lot more interested in how well FEMA works, and it works a lot better than it did under George W.
Because They Can: The NJ cop who killed a black man who had his hands up will not face any charges, because... Because he's a cop?
Ducks: After years of claiming that the Clinton Foundation poses no ethical conflicts for Bill and Hillary or the U.S. government, Bill now says that if Mrs. Bill is elected it will immediately become an ethical albatross. Sorry Bill, it became one a long time ago.
Pogo's Place: The real enemy is not fossil fuels, it is the economic and political system that was made possible by fossil fuels – the extractive economy that depends on extracting and exploiting resources as fast as possible, tossing the depleted materials aside and going after more, more, more.
Life As It Is: about 90% of the people who live in San Francisco cannot afford to live in San Francisco.
Our Gang: Documents obtained from CIA files show that the United States, knowing that Saddam would use nerve gas on Iranian troops, provided him with targeting data. Because he was our guy, back then. Until he wasn't. There's a lesson there, for us and for our current friends here and there around the world.
Cooked Books: The US Army's financial accounting systems are so wildly inadequate that in a single quarter the Army made “adjustmentstotaling $2.8 trillion in order to give some semblance of balance. In that the Army's share of the defense budget is somewhat shy of $500 billion, that's a neat trick. It isn't that the money has been stolen or even misapplied – the truth is they just don't know where it is and what it was spent on. And while a lot of it was undoubtedly misspent or stolen, it's not the whole $2.8 billion – but it'd be nice to have at least a ballpark estimate of what they're doing with all our money.
Unanimity: 52% of Republicans call voter fraud major problem... and all 52% of 'em are wrong.
Headline: “Clinton Foundation Still Not Criminal.” Not non-criminal, either. It also suggests that it will be, soon.
Porn O'Graph: Global warming's front line, 2016 edition.
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Gegner said...

Happy Humpday! The system is the problem and that can be dealt with. It is the people currently in charge of that will be most 'problematic'.

We didn't arrive where we are today because the oligarchs are so intelligent and insightful.

It's like discovering your favorite author is a 'one note song', all they have is the one theme and it's all you're ever going to get.

In this respect our species is indeed facing an 'adapt or die' level crisis which needs two things to happen. One we must 'unite' because the problem is 'global' and secondly we must 're-invent' our entire social structure to fit our new, sustainable model.

We have the tools but they are in the hands of the self-interested that believe we can go on 'a little while longer' doing nothing.

We can't wait until they decide it's 'time to act' was time decades ago.

Leaving the 'question of the day' as 'how do we fix this?'

The answer is STRIKE! [Protesting isn't strong enough.]