Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SAR #16088

Choosing a leader is agreeing to be led.
Topper: "Media Unimpressed As Sanders Barely Gets Seventy Percent Of The Vote."    

Bad Movie: The son of a corrupt dictator (of a country much like Turkey), being held in an Italian jail for laundering the profits his father (played by Recep Erdoğan) got from a jihadist organization (based on ISIS) , escapes the jail and the country with the help of intelligence agents from a third country (much like Saudi Arabia) using the Mafia to bribe Italian cops and officials.
Reality Checked: US house prices increased 0.1% in January. Apparently the recovery has stopped recovering.
The Parting Line: The DNC insists that with less than half the state delegates in – and with most of those awarded to Clinton coming from states that are irrelevant for the Democratic Presidential candidate in the fall – it’s all over. If you don't support Hillary you are a sexist troglodyte. If Bernie doesn't quit he'll be responsible for Trump's win. Sander's sweep of the ex-pat, Washington, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii primaries by 20 – 30% is Not Important and certainly Not News.
As Bad As Bad Can Be: 95% of the northern Great Barrier Reef is severely bleached and half of its corals are expected to die. Far, far away, the extent of Arctic sea ice has reached a record low mark for wintertime.
Prime Time: Seven years into the recovery, 23% of prime working-age Americans are unemployed. And this may be as good as it gets before of the next major downturn.
Distribution: Recep Erdogan claims that in the last eight months Turkey has killed, wounded or captured over 5,000 Kurds and 27 ISIS jihadists.
In Recovery: The Atlanta Fed now expects first quarter 2016 GDP growth to top out at 0.6%, so obviously we need to raise interest rates dramatically to slow down the expansion.
This Just In: “Hillary Clinton Is Fundamentally Honest.” Fundamentally.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Prime time: The army of the unemployed continues to grow, a fact that isn't lost on the oligarchs, despite unemployment remaing the individual's problem in a world brainwashed to believe that not having a job is YOUR fault. Which is to belabor the obvious, the social ramifications of unemployment extend far beyond lack of money.

This just in: Bill's 'taint' hangs over Hillary like a fog, you just know she's going to adhere to the same agenda the nation's first african-american president has (which tends to be more than a little light when it comes to bringing corporate criminals to justice.)

It's like guaranteeing 4 more years of ineffective government. The rich will get richer, the poor will get their asses handed to them and Hillary will get a badly watered down version of the Equal Rights Amendment passed by a whisker so everyone with a uterus can praise the nation's first female president.

Sadly, it's even worse than it appears with mumbles about 'f'n liberals' coming from just about every quarter.

Trump is going to win [followed 24 hrs later by a UN invasion intended to secure the world's largest nuclear stockpile...]

What happens after that is anyone's guess.

Did you see the news? [gloat]The Gov't admits to hacking the San Bernardino phone and is dropping its case against Apple...so much for fig leafs, eh? [/gloat]

Archie said...

And this just in over at NC:


As Deep Throat said many years ago, "Follow the money." In the case of the HRC emails, it leads to the Clinton Foundation. I wonder what the Donald will do with this info in the general?

George Anderson said...

Delayed reaction: Today's headline is just what I'm talking about, we vote for/on the wrong things [then wonder why nothing changes...but this is circling back to the old axiom again, isn't it? [About stupid being permanent and ignorance being repairable...]