Friday, March 18, 2016

SAR #16078

This isn't supposed to be a circus." Elizabeth Warren
Take the Money and ...: Marco Rubio, former Republican pin-up presidential candidate, says he will not be anybody's vice presidential running mate, will not run for re-election and will not seek to be Florida's next governor. Don't worry, something lucrative will turn up... or has already.
Clip And Save: Someday soon the Democratic elite will come to regret kicking Sanders to the curb and embracing Clinton. Most likely we all will.
Eeny Meeny Mine: Minneapolis prosecutor Mike Freeman said that he alone will decide whether to indict police officers who shoot blacks because grand juries don't always get the right answers.
Asked And Obvious: The NYTimes wonders if the experts have been wrong about the benefits of free trade agreements for the American economy? Depends if you're an owner or an ower.
Our Gang: The GOP-controlled KY senate has passed a bill that would encourage businesses to deny services to same-sex couples. Next door in TN a Republican bill would use $100,000 budgeted for school diversity programs at UT and use the money on 'In God We Trust” stickers. GOP officials in AL will require biology textbooks to include prominent disclaimers telling students to doubt evolution. Their counterparts in GA have passed a 'religious liberty' bill that encourages anti-LGBT hate crimes. AL Republicans intend to cut food stamp eligibility from five to three years in a lifetime, and only if the recipients do not own a car. If the poor own a car they will be ineligible for help. And this is pre-Trump.
Money's Worth: Research notes that doctors who get more cash from Big Pharma prescribe more of Big Pharma's drugs.
Porn O'Graph: Equality.
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G-fan said...

Thinking of the NYT when I read this speech by Yang Ji Sheng, though to be fair, the Grey Lady is no more a whore than any large media outlet.

"Finally I would like to join with all of you in this prayer for the journalistic profession: May the sunlight of conscience and integrity shine upon the desks of all journalists and writers. May more works be published that awaken the conscience of humanity and allow the light of justice to shine on every corner of the earth."

I'll just add my two cents And may humanity have the decency to listen and the courage to act or not act as their ownconscience tells them.

Anonymous said...

This is the "Assholes for Jesus" faction, yes?

George Anderson said...

It's looking like the First Amendment is the 'greatest gift' the founders could have given to the extremists whose aim it is to pollute the mind of those too weak to think for themselves.

Is it a coincidence that Rush, [et:al] got his start just after the Reagan Revolution? What are people so angry about? Ask Rush.

It's also no coincidence that Rush provided 'cover' while our economy was loaded onto a barge and shipped overseas by the very people he defended/was employed by.

How many of you know Rush's show was given FREE to the owners of AM radio stations across the country? [Is it starting to look more like a propaganda campaign created and funded by the free booting owner class?

These are the same people that brought us Karl Rove and Co...the 'we create our own reality' crowd.

Now here we sit...surrounded by rabid, empty-headed, nonsense spouting, revisionist pseudo conservatives.

United We Stand but thanks to Rush & company, united we'll never be because the average moron thinks he's all alone!

This can be fixed but only after the revolution.