Wednesday, March 9, 2016

SAR #16069

The law of unintended consequences is rigidly enforced.
Clarification: To date, Hillary has won states with a total of 17 electoral votes she can win in the fall, Sanders 48. Any questions?
Chutzpah, Inc. Israel, which exists solely on the guilt that its politicians have heaped on the US Congress and whose continued existence depends on ongoing billions in “foreign aid”, has the balls to reject a meeting between Netanyahu and President Obama – while VP Biden is in Jerusalem negotiating a $30 billion increase in “unconditional military aid.” We should do a Nancy and “Just say no!”
Market Farces: Nearly 1 in 5 Americans in their prime working years aren’t employed or looking for a job because they know the game is rigged.
Unpacking the Court: Conservative lawyer Dean Reuter told the troglodytes at CPAC that there is absolutely no reason for the Republicans to let the Senate consider any replacement for Scalia, that “there’s nothing magical’ about nine justices,” that we've had as few as six and as many as ten, but nothing in the Constitution says how long the Senate should or can take to confirm a nominee. The Senate, in his view, is “co-equal” and can block anyone the President nominates and “doesn’t have any responsibility or any duty to host one-on-one meetings with the nominee, or hold a hearing, or hold a committee vote, or a floor vote.” Ah, doing nothing – a Republican specialty.
Rest Area Ahead: Orders for freightliners fell 43% in February as trucking companies continued to react to falling demand.
Momentum: What the DNC (and the media) does not seem to understand is that Bernie does not have to win for his supporters to win; that they are not Bernie's supporters so much as Bernie is their current figurehead. The future may well belong to them; it most certainly does not belong to the Hillary machine even though she may get to head up the Republican administration for a few years.
Poll Watching: Charles Barkely is right, “All politics is rich people screwing pore people”. But he neglects to point out that the real skill that politicians must possess is making the poor people enjoy it.
Explainer: Trump is proof that people want to be lied to. His supporters know he is not real, that he is a performer – but they don't care as long as they can pretend for a moment or two they've found someone who identifies with their fears, insecurities and hatreds. They know it won't happen, but for a moment or two they can live the dream.
Noted: “Our laws should be designed to function as if the people we trust least are in power.” Because they usually are.
Porn O'Graph: Priorities.
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G-fan said...

Chutzpah the Mohel (or the Kosher Butcher): Congress Criters don't have the guilt gene, never did and never will. It's that mix of love and fear a slightly aged mistress feels for her wealthy and abusive keeper. The Israeli lobby is like Trump, unashamedly abashed with feelings of more power than it probably really has, and it makes the establishment in both parties quiver every time it slaps the riding crop on it's nouveau riche thigh.

Anonymous said...

Have some faith in your fellow humans, it's still about me, it's still about burning tomorrow to pay for today. I'm afraid those faults cross both party lines, just one of them is better at hiding it.

Anonymous said...

Re: Our laws should be designed to function as if the people we trust least are in power

Remember this the next time you are tempted to post advocating for more government deficit spending due to the utterances of some economist with perpetual growth OCD.

If the government is evil (which our definitely is), the results will be evil. More loot going to the government will result in more evil.

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Perhaps, Anony 10.39, but there's always the slight chance that some of the government deficit financed infrastructure spending will actually do some good - unlike the block grants to Wall Street.

Jim Dandy said...

The only future Bernie's supporters can realistically expect is the same one Obama's supporters got. Still, it's mildly surprising that old "Believe" campaign from eight years ago still works. I guess people really do have short attention spans these days!