Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SAR #16082

Words Is Words: The TTIP, which is “a threat to democratic decision-making and regulation in the public interest,” includes references to ‘timely information’, ‘unnecessarily burdensome’ and ‘pre-normative research’. Please define each of these in a way that will be most profitable to large multi-nationals.
Sufficiency: Hillary 'Sounds Like Netanyahu' Clinton and Donald Trump gave nearly identical speeches at AIPAC, got standing ovations - even though Trump's comments do not agree with what he had said just the day before.
Our Size Fits All: Under the rules imposed by the US, the US Government will not ratify the TPP agreement until the laws and practices of all the other countries are consisten with the US interpretation of the agreement.
Shifty Politics: In February national polls showed Clinton leading Sanders 55/38, today it's 51/44. Looks like Bernie's been putting on weight.
Noted: The Republican elite fear that working class voters will finally realize that tax cuts for the wealthy and funding cuts to programs benefiting the working class has not brought them the promised prosperity and begin to understand that their future rests in taxing the rich.
Less Is Less, Much Less: The global dry-bulk fleet will “contract significantly” this year – for the first time since forever.
Opportunity Knocked: In the wake of the Brussels bombing, police agencies across the US are seizing the opportunity to “increase security” - even though it is still far safer to go to an airport in Europe than a wedding in Afghanistan or a hospital in Yemen.
Truthiness: Bill Clinton was caught complaining about “the awful legacy of the last 8 years.” Trying to make it better the Clinton campaign explained that “the last eight years” have nothing to do with Obama at all.
Porn O'Graph: The future is already here.
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George Anderson said...

Just as curious as today's headline, we see in today's NY Times a piece about automakers, citing lower fuel prices, are seeking legislative relief to cut fuel economy requirements.

You know it isn't going to take decades for that to happen...they probabaly already went ahead and did it figuring they paid enough for the politicians...the politico's will cover their backside, retroactively if necessary.

We can't buy a break on climate change but the whole fossil fuel industry is pretending it has nothing to do them.

Not to scare anyone but it's like they drank their own Kool-Aid! [ Everything will be just wonderful if you'd only let it happen!]

Yes, good citizen, the truth is finally out, climate change is YOUR FAULT!