Monday, March 7, 2016

SAR #16067

The Democratic National Committee has insured that democracy will not inconvenience Hillary's coronation.
It's Not Them, It's Us: The government, through the FBI suit, is not attacking Apple, it is attacking us, average American citizens with average American lives. It is not just about forcing Apple to unlock an iPhone; it's about forcing Samsung to turn on the video camera and mikes in your smart TV and channel the feed to the Feds. It's about the Feds forcing Google or Microsoft to force-feed your computer system (and smartphone and refrigerator and car and god knows what-all) software that will collect everything about you and everything you do and ship it straight to the Gestapo – under cover of an automatic updates. Just think what an enemy could do with this ability; or already is.
Good Times: After a melee broke out between some protesters and some of Trump's brownshirts, Trump said he was tired of “political correctness” in handling protesters and that the offending individuals should be ejected. “Try not to hurt him,” Trump said, “If you do, I'll defend you in court.”
Labor And Delivery: Data supporting the latest BLS employment report indicates that 304,000 of the 242,000 jobs added in February were part-time positions.
Lies, Damn Lies, and Delegate Counts: According to the headlines, Hillary continues to march to victory. Mind you she carried only one of the four states holding primaries – and the Dems won't carry LA in the fall election anyway, while the down and out Mr. Sanders won in KS, NB, and ME. Currently Sanders has won 43% of primary delegates - 498 - and Clinton has won 57% - 652, and bought 465 superdelegates.
Miranda, Revised: In Louisiana, which intends to starve the public defender system to death through budget cuts, the new Miranda warning will tell the indigent that they have the right to a lawyer and if they can't afford one, neither can the state. This will allow Louisiana to pull even further into the undisputed lead as the incarceration capital of the world. Not of the nation, of the world; Louisiana's incarceration rate is 13 times China's and 20 times Germany's.
Post No Bills: The Chinese have banned all depictions of gays, adultry, one-night stands, cleavage and reincarnation from television. Reincarnation?
Stripes: Obama, remaining true to his neoliberal philosophy has nominated John King to be Secretary of Education. King is an avid cheerleader supporting charter schools, privatization of school systems, and state directed top-down imposition of standards on local schools. His record in NY was “ ineffective and destructive to schools, educators, and most importantly students."
Leadership: Trump says that he will change international law and then order US soldiers to torture and waterboard suspected members of the Islamic State, then incarcerate the survivors in Guantanamo at Cuban expense.
Harem Scarem: Erdogan's Turkey -already the world's leader in incarcerating innocent journalists for years without charges - spiraled further down the drain over the weekend when the government raided and took over Zaman, the country's largest newspaper. Erdogan has also told the public that his new constitution is a matter of fiat, that there will be no discussion or bargaining on the document, which will essentially make him President For Life. The legislature is being ordered to approve it, then it will go through a rigged plebiscite ending with Erdogan's elevation to immortality.
Gag Me: France, which only a couple of months ago was convulsed following an Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, has honored the Saudi crown prince for 'fighting terrorism and extremism', which is pretty funny in that the Saudis provide the home of the Islamic jihadist philosophy and the source of much of their funding.
Porn O'Graph: You don't always get what you pay for...
A Parting Shot:


McMike said...

re reincarnation. Sounds like a swipe at Tibet. and Taiwan.

re Trump. See: reincarnation, Hitler.

George Anderson said...

In example after example, the 'rule of law' is mocked and our so-called professionals do nothing/ignore the breaches like it was someone else's job.

Lynch 'em all and let their God sort 'em out.

Tulsatime said...

Another fine batch of levity, good sir.

Anonymous said...

A bit of reasoning behind John Lewis's lie. He's thinking, Bernie Sanders never gave me a bribe in all my time in Congress. His special eyes need money to open them.