Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SAR #16068

Take Your Vote And Shove It:Super delegates don't “represent people”; I'm not elected by anyone. I'll do what I think is right for the country.” Super delegate Howard Dean.
Ins & Out: In 2015 the US imported $735 billion (45% ) more than it exported. That's an awful lot of jobs.
Paperwork: US drones have killed “150 al-Shabab” soldiers in Somalia. Thisis not murder because a) Congress declared war on al-Shabab or Somalia or both, b) they are terrorists and have been rampaging through Kansas, c) because we're US and they're not, or d) it is murder, but that's our basic foreign policy.
Come To Mama: Clinton's staff has pivoted from Bernie Sanders' not-quite cold corpse to begin romancing moderate Republicans, who are Hillary's natural base anyway – screw the young liberal idealists.
Coordination: The same day that Obama declares that it is “not true” that Wall Street regulation is too lax, his administration decided not to pursue Citigroup for crimes it committed against the American people.
The Undead: You can now get an interest-only mortgage, a no-money-down mortgage, or you can get away with only putting 3% down. Been there, done that and have already forgotten how poorly it turned out.
Never-Neverland: Forbes wants to know if inequality will turn entire cities into ghettos. Will?
TOP SECRET/NOFORN: Mrs. Clinton had no immediate control over the classified information contained in emails sent to her. She had complete control over the content of emails she wrote – and so far over 100 of her messages have been found to contain classified information. The prosecution rests.
Harvey: Standing next to Bernie Sanders at the latest debate, Hillary again said that she would release transcripts of her talks with her Wall Street overlords only if “all other candidates” did. Bernie should have simply held out a blank sheet of paper. But she doesn't consider Bernie an actual candidate.
Porn O'Graph: Warning, check for crossing traffic.
A Parting Shot:


McMike said...

re Tomlinson. It is interesting to note that many of the true inventors of the internet are not household names, and not obscenely rich. As the article says, email may not even have been his best invention.

I believe this to be the case as a general rule; that the people who invent great things tend to do so out of love and passion for invention or for solutions, and they tend to release those inventions (or allow them to be released) into the public domain.

Only then come other people, the famous ones, whose genius lies in privatizing and monetizing the public ideas they did not invent.

Not to mention that the funding for the inventions often comes from the public.

People who actually care about our economy and competitiveness should try and understand this process.

Rick in Oregon said...

Not sure what is meant by the graph. Looks pretty good - more people are working, fewer are unemployed, including part time, etc.

The crossing is purely arbitrary, the scales are different and the crossing point could be moved anywhere by changing one of the scales.

Am I missing something?

George Anderson said...

@ Rick in Oregon, You're right, since the graph comes from the Fed it basically measures 'cooked' statistics with pretty much no basis in reality. The number listed in 'not in the workforce' now exceeds a hundred million, the displayed figures only count people who are working or have worked in the past six months. Which has nothing to do with nothing. Wasn't one of yesterday's bullet points remarking that of the 224,000 jobs credited in February, 304,000 were part-time!

Nothing wrong with that 'fed math' is there?

The warning is 'don't get run over/misled by false data...' or 'garbage in = garbage out.'

@ McMike: Altruism and the 'freemarkets'. Not all 'innovations' can be monetized as the true purpose of many innovations are time/step saving, created by those who have to do it to make their jobs easier.

The methods people lay out the job and set the 'standard' but it usually isn't the most efficient way...worse, the 'shortcuts' the workers create aren't always the most efficient because they are constrained to 'work to method' by company planners.

But occasionally the workers will 're-imagine' the task at hand and get the process changed (as all companies have 'open door' policies regarding 'suggestions' (which immediately become property of the company...go figure.)

No irony should be lost on how the ,er, 'none too bright' seem to think innovation would stop if it were demonetized...that people would stop making work easier if there weren't anything in it for them.

Why not having to do it the hard way isn't reward enough?

Jim Dandy said...

Should it really come as a surprise to anyone that Hillary is trying to shave a few votes from the republican side of the Party? Bernie is doing a good job of sheep dogging. She'll get the voters he herds into the veal pen anyway. Why not get to work on pulling in disaffected conservatives?