Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SAR #16061

Nature still has a few billion years left in which to see if intelligent life is a workable concept.
New Revised Version: Scientists, doing that science thing where they revise their predictions when they get more and better data, now say that our fossil fuel budget is only half as big as was thought when the Paris meetings said we were doomed. We're still doomed, only sooner.
Matthew 7: 16-20: Alabama's Senator Jeff Sessions has endorsed Trump, while Nebraska's Tea Party backed Senator Sasse says he'll move to Canada vote for a third party candidate rather than vote for Trump.
Dramatis Personae: For something new and different, Erdogan's army has begun shelling ISIS positions in Syria. This is news because a) Erdogan's been financing ISIS all along and giving them access to Turkey and b) most of Ergogan's military effort has been dedicated to killing as many Kurds as possible. Y'know, the good guys that American backs. Today's real news was that Russia is pushing to turn Syria into a federated republic, which would include a part of Syria governed by Kurds. Just part of a centuries old contest between the Russians and the Turks.
Clarification: How many $2700 a plate dinners has Sanders held? Clinton?
His Master's Voice: Mervyn King, former governor of the Bank of England, says that we have learned nothing and changed nothing since the 2008 financial disaster, and are going to have another one right soon.
Noted: In the first 10 years of this century, America lost on average 15 factories a day. That's more than 56,000 factory doors closing. That's the glory of globalization.
Here There Be Monsters: They numbers are pretty clear, Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate. This is a disaster for the GOP. It is also abundantly clear than only Bernie Sanders would defeat him in November, yet the DNC is working as hard as possible to keep this from happening. If they run Hillary, it will be a disaster for us all.
First Cut: China plans to lay off nearly 2 million of the 12 million workers in the coal and steel industries.
Shocked, I Tell You, Shocked: The US has sold Turkey $12 billion dollars worth of bunker-buster bombs. Where they're going to find $12 billion dollars worth of targets is a good question – that's a lot of Kurdish houses.
A Parting Shot:


Jim Dandy said...

Every year there's some kind of "disaster the democrats/republicans must avoid or the world will end." Every election is "the most important election ever in the history of our lifetimes." Every candidate is the "progressive hope for change we can believe in for change." Are you sensing a pattern? Is anyone even paying attention? No? Well, maybe one person.

Tulsatime said...

12 Billion of Bunker Busters? But I thought we sold all those to Israel for their rapture inducing first strike on Iran? Maybe we are double invoicing those things and hoping nobody looks in the boxes at delivery time. Or that the Turks will not notice the difference, you see one bomb you've seen them all. Or it may just be the flip side of the agreement for military aid where we pretend to give them money they can use to buy american bang bangs.

I guess Jeff Sessions has his mission work cut out for him, to convert the unbelievers to the cult of the donald in the senate.

G-fan said...


Needs more revision: Specialist in environment live in so many small boxes of specialization that they don't see the bigger picture. The saddest part kicks in about 6 minutes, where Dr. Shahkova, where she reflects what she dare not say, (and my guess is that her thoughts are it's highly likely her own children may not survive this system).