Monday, March 14, 2016

SAR #16074

Curiosity Shopping: A US judge has entered a summary judgement ordering Iran to pay $10.5 billion to the victims of the Saudi 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and their insurance companies, not because Iran had anything to do with it – it was mostly the work of Saudi-funded Saudis – but because the Iranians declined to dignify the charges by replying to them.
Theory And Practice: In theory, negative interest rates will encourage people to invest. In reality, it will encourage people to put money in mason jars and bury them in the back yard. Same with Draghi and his latest attempt to ward off the coming depression in Europe – make companies an offer they can't refuse – then stand back and watch them refuse. The public is nowhere near as stupid as economists and central bankers.
Bigger Brother: Obama, at the SXSW technology conference, tried out his new standup routine with a deadpan declaration that the government cannot allow you any privacy on your smartphones because you might someday be a terrorist. Or a Sandersnista. And besides, your insurance company needs to monitor your diet app and Fitbit data.
Chickens, Roosting: After Trump supporters (and the police, but that's redundant) began roughing up Trump protesters in Chicago and several other cities, Donald said that he did not condone the violence, that he was “just the messenger”, that police were not tough enough on “leftie protestors” and that he hoped his “tone is not that of causing violence,” as he and Fox blamed supporters of “our communist friend” Bernie Sanders. Trump then threatened to send some of his thugs to break up Sanders' events. He also justified a supporter who physically assaulted a black man as a way of making America great again – and promised to press charges against protesters in order to ruin their lives.
THINK: Okay, so the AlphaGo computer beat real world-class human Go players. Why's that a big deal? Because AlphaGo was not programeed to play Go, it was programed to learn how to play – and it did. Quickly. Well enough to imply it can learn lots of other games, like investing... or living. AlphaGo uses a generic technique for learning, one that can master all sorts of things that humans in offices get paid to do today. And the things that soldiers get paid to do, too.
An Open Records Record: If you would like to have copies – electronic copies, push a button copies, no paper involved, no printer, no labor – of the emails showing how city employees dealt with the lead poisoning, it'll cost you $172,203. Which may go a long way toward explaining how the city ended up in so much trouble in the first place.
Tribulations: Mr. Krugman has been ranting on about how globalization is the work of gods and kings and omniscient economists while justifying the harm various free-looting agreements have done to the US by ignoring the lost jobs, the lost manufacturing plants, the lost tax base, and the lost stature of economists who support looting on a global scale. Then he turns to Trump and Sanders and claims they would “rip up America's international agreements” and damage “our credibility and standing in the world.” What credibility? And our main “standing in the world” is that of a serial invader and overthrower of governments; one which routinely creates a fine mist out of random Muslims in the service of international capitalism. Ah, but I drone on...
Half-Measure: California will soon permit “medically assisted suicide”, assuming you can find a doctor brave enough to let you die.
Matchmakers: Doctors have managed to fool a patient's immune system into accepting a kidney transplant from a donor who is not a biological “match”.
Government Math: Canada spends $2.5 million overseeing the half-million dollar seal harvest. Be a lot cheaper to stop clubbing the little fellas and just give the couple of million to the “hunters.”
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Re: Tribulations, Well Played! Krugman calls it like he sees it and he may well embody the 'Conscious of a Liberal' but he endorses the policies of a Simpleton! All economies are LOCAL and ALL money is 'funny' {If a pig is a pig and a duck is a duck then a buck must be a buck no matter where it's coined! There in no such thing/place as 'The Cheaper There'!

Participants/enablers of the Global race to the bottom are all guilty of treason.

G-fan said...

US Judges: In the "City of God," St. Augustine tells the story of a pirate captured by Alexander the Great. The Emperor angrily demanded of him, "How dare you molest the seas?" To which the pirate replied, "How dare you molest the whole world? Because I do it with a small boat, I am called a pirate and a thief. You, with a great navy, molest the world and are called an emperor."

Match Much?: If Doctors can put a human heart into different species (sub-human Beltway Dickus Chennyus), then what's the surprise?

Android Cops: Your computer cum phone, washing machine, tv, thermostat, will gather evidence, write up your arrest warrant and arrange for your self-drive car to deposit you directly into the police holding pen, or the soylent green factory.

rjs said...

in case you missed it, the human beat AlphaGo in the 4th match...

Charles Kingsley Michaelson, III said...

Think they'll give us four tries?

rjs said...

no, but it looks like they can't learn anything until we learn it first...

Bernard said...

watching society break down while the Elites loot and pillage everything of value is not for the feint of heart. Americans are so easy. flash a dollar bill and they will kill, destroy, pollute everything and everyone they can to make a "fast" buck. St.Reagan unleashed the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse on us. and we are taking the world down with us.

and the Republicans still vote for their R Senator or House crook. time after time after time. just to make sure none of those "blah" folks ever get a dime. very effective strategy, i must say. only has taken 30 to 40 years to destroy what it took since 1776 to create. reaping the whirlwind.

this is just so much like the Pre WW II Germany it is really scary.