Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SAR #16075

The Illustrator: Donald Trump is rubbing our faces in the the fact that fascism is not an antique relic, that about 30% of US adults are racist, sexist, xenophobic, economically illiterate morons. Some of these yahoos are forming a 'militia' to protect their leader from those New York liberals who keep stepping in front of elbows and fists at Trump tent revivals.
Rights And Wrongs: Oklahoma Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would classify abortion as a first degree murder. Quite who would fry/get gassed/hang was unclear, but certainly the woman and probably the doctor and nurses and state and local Planned Parenthood administrators.
Uncommon Corps: The Mississippi House has passed a bill requiring that public school teachers issue grades to parents. Not that bad of an idea – as long as I get to set the standards.
Secret Handshake: According to Paul Krugman, much of economics dogma about markets and globalization consists simply of “guesses about such things,” often “based on loose historical reasoning.” He concluded by confessing that he and his fellow practitioners “should be cautious in our claims about the virtues of free trade.”
Progress: Apparently the internet has finally gotten to Salt Lake City; the Mormons are warning against an epidemic of pornography and the Utah House has declared it to be a public health crisis.
Private Profits: During her first year as Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton insisted that a company called Laureate Education be invited to an education policy dinner hosted at the U.S. Department of State. A few months later Mr. Clinton became “honorary chancellor” of Laureate, a position that paid him $16.5 million over the next four years. Laureate students, of course, are eligible for US-backed student loans...
Observed: "People are not voting for Trump (or Sanders). People are just voting, finally, to destroy the establishment." Nassim Taleb
Onward And Upward: Great Britain, which is less and less great the longer the current crop is in office, will reduce the tax rate on upper-middle class families and cover the budget shortfall by cutting the support currently given to 640,000 of the nation's disabled.
Without Comment: Following months of investigation, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission unanimously referred Robert Rubin to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation into “violations of the laws of the United States” committed by the former US Treasury Secretary in his positions with Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. The DOJ immediately filed through the shredder. Nothing was done. Nothing will be.
An Explanation: Nationally 23% of the 25-to-54-year-old population is not working – either actively or passively unemployed, up from 18% in 2000.
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

Nothing was done. Nothing will be. Not quite, Obama had to field a number of phone calls from his paymasters, and give out the marching orders. There's rumor the effort may have stirred his apatite, and he had an extra mid-morning snack.

George Anderson said...

Re: Rights and Wrongs: Bet they'd back off quick if they bumped it down a notch and included masterbation, which is, after all, the same thing only sooner, right?

Re: The Illustrator: while not common in the US, 'democracy', as practiced in other nations, voting is a full contact sport [casting a serious pall on the alleged 'rule of law' democracy is supposed to be the epitome of.]

I concur with your assessment that Mr. Dumpf's followers will probably get carried away and make America so great that some poor fellow will win a trip to the local cemetary...probably for standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Finally Re: Secret Handshake: Methinks apologizing now is very much 'too little-too late'. the Global economy is a smoking slag heap and the political clock (at least in this country) has been turned back to the days of the Robber Barons, before Roosevelt [Teddy] busted the trusts!

I reiterate my original challenge: If economics is really an 'art' then why can't one of them work out a fix for the crippled economy?

The sad truth is they can't because all money is funny!

kwark said...

Re "Uncommon Corps": Either I've been misjudging the Mississippi state government or they really are clueless. I'm guessing that there's a good chance that those legislators will be reconsidering the wisdom of their actions when it's revealed that 85% of report cards contain an F in that category. I can hear the angry recriminations now - "Obama made us do it".

McMike said...

Re 85% of parents will get an F. Actually, they will be grading on a curve, and it's, well, Mississippi.

The state hopes that teachers will start "teaching to the test", and giving parents overt basic instruction on how to pass the parent test. Not a bad idea actually. And of course teachers have extra time and energy.

The big scandal will come when parents start getting participation trophies just for showing up.