Friday, March 11, 2016

SAR #16071

First Timers: US corporations have now reported declining profits for four consecutive quarters. In 12 of the 17 of the times in post 1940 history when corporate profits declined for two quarters, recession followed. The last time earnings went negative for four consecutive quarters without a recession or worse is... never.
Magical Mystery Tour: Every time the European economy falters even more, the ECB's Draghi promises another final solution, and the markets zoom as though he were, finally, telling the truth. The IMF is not a believer.
The Twilight Zone: “The real economy and markets are so far apart they look like ‘two parallel realities'”
She Said: Hillary Clinton says that a single-payer health plan “will never, ever come to pass.” So she sees no point in pretending. She knows that no matter what the people want, politicians – from both sides of the political divide - understand that the profits of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical testing firms, medical equipment providers and for-profit hospitals are what lead to campaign contributions, and thus will put profits before people.
Two From Column A: Democracy and national sovereignty are incompatible with global economic integration, and will be discarded in the march for greater profits for the 1%.
Ducks: Following the US airstrikes on an al-Shebab training camp that killed 140 people, “helicopter-borne US troops” raided a town controlled by al-Shebab. War? Sure it looks like, walks like, quacks like, but really it isn't. It is just a bunch of US Special Operations troops committing special operations.
Goose, Cooked: At our current rate of global per-person energy use, we'll reach 2ºC of global warming not by the century's end, but by 2030. And globally per-person energy use continues to increase.
If The Shoe Fits: Laws are meaningless if they go unenforced.”
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Capitalism cannot afford the unemployed but it creates them to keep the employed fearful for their 'situation'. [People, sadly, do cop an attitude when they know they would be difficult to replace but, fortunately, NOBODY is 'irreplaceable', regardless of what they think.]

Skipping to the bottom we find another 'axiom' held forth...justice delayed is in fact justice denied. We all value justice highly [when it serves us] but will turn a blind eye when the outcome isn't clear.

Justice is like love...a 'half a loaf' just doesn't do it. Better to have none than to suffer having it both ways.

Two from column A: Adding another 'layer' of government [where the only thing you are allowed to do is vote for who will represent you without their ever asking you how you feel/think on the issues makes change impossible.] Which is why we're getting this 'backdoor' global government overseen by bought and paid for 'arbitrators'.

It's this sort of crap that leads to 'Ducks', our 'off the leash' military, engaged in 'missions' to 'protect' ever more murky 'American Interests' pretty much anywhere on the globe without any accountability at all.

Is it any wonder that to the rest of the world, the US is considered 'The Great Satan' [or No.1 Terrorist if you keep religion out of the equation...]

Really something to ponder as we prepare to watch another stolen election without uttering a word of protest. Worse, the stolen elections aren't just local, they're everywhere thanks to the corporate owned media.

Anonymous said...

Re: Laws are meaningless if they go unenforced.

Should be obvious to anybody watching the speeding criminals on the freeways.

(I'm sure those laws were meant to be broken tho. Isn't duplicity a wonderful thing?)