Tuesday, March 22, 2016

SAR #16081

Pawn To King's Pawn Four: Having shored up the Assad regime to the anoyance of the Turks, Russia has now started shipping weapons to Kurds in Iraq. Turkey has historically been the Tsars' enemy.
Emperor's Clothes: VP Biden is in trouble once more for pointing out the unmentionable obvious. This time Joe said that Israels continued annexation of Palestinian land to build housing for Israelis made it hard to believe anything Netinyahu says about working for a two-state solution. Obviously he, unlike Hillary, is not running for President.
Yes, But: While 60% of 18 to 29 year-olds support the idea of US conducting ground combat operations against ISIS, 60% of them would not go fight, even if they were needed.
Quoted: "True vulnerability is to put your family on a boat which you don't know if it's going to make it across the sea. True vulnerability is to flee even if you don't know where you're going, if you will get there, if you will even survive. But this is what it is when the alternative is impossible to live with. Therefore, you have to escape. That is vulnerability.” Fredrik Reinfeldt Former PM of Norway.
Indexes Indexed: The Chicago Fed's composite index of a whole bunch of other economic indexes showed US economic growth slowing in February.
Enough, Already: Iain Duncan Smith, Work and Pensions Secretary in the Cameron government, has resigned in disgust over Cameron's intent to cut disability benefits in order to give the rich tax breaks. Cameron would not adress the charges but reiterated his support for “"a modern, compassionate Conservatism". Which is the same sort of mumbo-jumbo in London that it is in Washington.
Money/Mouth: In February Bernie Sanders raised $14 million more than Hillary Clinton and spent $9,4 million more – all without squillioniare Wall Street support.
Object Lesson: Republicans in the Knesset NY State Senate are cutting $485 million from the CUNY budget for allowing criticism of Israel which always constitutes anti-Semitism in US political circles [Note Joe Biden, above.].
Inside Job: Back in December, long before the poisoning of the residents of Flint became a national scandal, someone broke into the Flint city hall and made off with a files relating to the water system problems. The cops say it was an inside job, but whether the insider was protecting the politicians or the people remains a mystery.
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Anonymous said...

60% for and against: No contradictions there, everyone is willing to spend a little money, but let those who will gain the most out of it, or their children spill their blood. However, it never works out that way in the real world. (Cannon) fodder is always reaped away from the grass roots.

mistah charley, ph.d. said...

about israel and palestine:

recent tweets at


make clear billmon's view that the "two state solution" is in practice dead

the basic flaw with zionism was there at the beginning, in the slogan "a land without a people for a people without a land" - all the rest (up to, including and following the events of 9/11, among other things) is a consequence of the falseness of the first clause

let's do what little we can to move the current situation to being dealt with in a humane and reasonable way - bernie would be my pick for national leadership here - and it's clear that joe biden would be a better choice than hillary

George Anderson said...

A nod of agreement to mistah Charley, well said. Left unsaid in our political/social dialog, despite all the dials and charts point straight at it is the no jobs/no money and how neither one is the capitalist's problem.

While homelessness is reaching epidemic proportions here in the USA it's a mistake to think it's only here.

raising the minimum wage does squat for the millions that the capitalist can't profitably employ...zero plus zero is still zero.

How do we alter this 'not my problem' juggernaut before it destroys western civilization?

If not the politicians then who? The oligarchs clearly don't care.

George Anderson said...

Response to today's headline story link:

As a society we are neck deep in stupid. Thus the 'not my problem' reaction to a wide variety of real problems.

Can the relatively few adults 'save us'...should they?