Saturday, March 5, 2016

SAR #16065

It is not the events of the day that are frightening, but our reaction to them.
New Rules: The Justice Department, acting on the theory that failing to tell someone about some pretty bad stuff that you know about that they don't, and profiting from it, is a crime, has referred Exxon to the FBI to be investigated for the crime of “failing to disclose” the dangers of burning fossil fuels/global warming to the public. An interesting approach, and applicable to a wide number of “crimes.” Imagine actual jail time for Big Tobacco, faulty cars, harmful pharmaceuticals - oh, and ruinous financial manipulation...
Size Matters: The United States' globe-spanning military on Thursday dispatched a "small armada" into the South China Sea, reported the Navy Times, in the latest show of force in the disputed area. It was probably just as well that they didn't send “a medium armada”, which might have disturbed the Chinese excessively.
Goes Around/Comes Around: Attempts to replicate last year's study showing that most academic studies cannot be reproduced failed to reproduce those results.
Gobblization: As expected, analysis of the economic effects of globalization concludes that “offshoring and import competition have depressed the wages of low-skilled workers to the point where many U.S. jobs are now competitive with those overseas.” And TPP will make things even better... for corporations.
Perspective: Norway is budgeting $1 billion to build and improve highways for bicycles, to encourage their 5 million citizens to rely more on bikes and less on pouting cars. Try imagining the US spending $63,400,000,000 on something as neat as that.
Menu: Brazil is reportedly “on course” for its worst recession in nearly a century. The global banks are gathering for the feast...
Sum Numbering: Nonfarm employment was up a bit in February, unemployment theoretically remained at 4.9%; new jobs were in retail food service and “drinking places” while manufacturing jobs fell 16,000. Average wages fell, the trade deficit increased, and exports fell to a 5 year low.
On Recovery: The average American's income has fallen steadily since Georgie boy came into office. But things could have been worse – according to economists technological improvements – think smart phones and Facebook – have distracted us so we haven't noticed just how much we've lost. And it's not just the proletariat; the country has clearly declined in power, wealth and prestige in the world. But we can Trump that, right?
Plotline: Try this one: The Russian colonel-general in charge of military intelligence (the GRU), who reportedly died in Moscow of a heart attack was actually killed by Turkish agents while he was involved in a secret mission in Beirut involving several Middle Eastern intelligence agencies.
Too Many Lawyers: Delaware North of Buffalo, NY has trademarked the name “Yosemite National Park”, which comes as a surprise to the citizens of these United States, who thought they owned the place.
Porn O'Graph: Collateral damage.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

RE: 'our reaction to events'

One reads history and realizes there is a certain degree of agrandizement written there intended to magnify the event as well as the, er, 'Hero'.

Just an opinion here but it sure looks to me that the natural state of humanity is 'duck & cover', combined with deaf, dumb and blind...

Does that 'thirty seconds of courage' (the alleged difference between a coward and a hero) really come from the realization that you're screwed regardless? [so you may as well go down swinging...]

If there's one thing that really disturbs observers it is the lack of outrage from a public that has lost it's 'moral compass' because it has been nudged repeatedly by 'gradualism' into our current soiled corner.

Put 'the beat-down' on a people long enough and you start to see 'fractures' (Serial Shooters) who go on seemingly senseless rampages when in fact the innocents killed are guilty of not putting a stop to the over-reach of a system bent on making as many people miserable as it can.

Society is a cooperative venture, it crumbles when it lapses into a 'measure up or else' contest with an undue emphasis on 'because I said so.' [How far can I push you?]

Just a friendly reminder...if you can't live on what your employer pays you, it's not his problem, IT'S YOURS!

Anonymous said...

". . . It's not your problem, IT'S YOURS". Until you and your mates are pushed far enough to make it his too.

Beleck said...

Thatcher said there was no such thing as society. i guess were finding out how true that is, thanks to austerity, NAFTA, TTP and the Corporate Oligarchy. The Rich only want low wage workers, the Middle Class was just an aberration apparently. Neo Feudalism is what we see the beginnings of thanks to the siren call/lure from St. Reagan, and the Republicrats Duopoly running the American Empire are showing how easily the Rubes can be sold off/out. it will far too late for any "blowback". De Toqueville said Americans would do anything for a "buck." lol how true. lol

George Anderson said...

Too true, if we weren't so busy looking out for number #1, half of this crap wouldn't be happening. Worse, the criminals that control commerce squeeze the average worker as hard as they can in both directions usually by threatening to offshore/automate their jobs away. [The mantra since the Reagan Revolution has been 'You're lucky you still have a job!]

EVENTUALLY (since avarice has a severe over-reach problem and no clue as to when to cool it/backoff) a movement will surface because humans INSTINCTIVELY KNOW they are better off united than alone.

Creatures of habit, they will ressurect the names of the institutions formed by the original rebels. [The Sons of Liberty and the Daughters of the Revolution.]

The fledgling organization will be led by idealists that believe they can 'protest' their way to equality {When all they really want is a taste of the 'wild side' and their student debt forgiven, maybe 'free internet', the kids don't know what's at stake...sadly, they don't care either.) But the adults in the room will seize the reins and direct real action.

The kids will want to camp on the commons and chant silly slogans, pretending they're making a difference while the adults will start arresting judges and trying them for treason/crimes against humanity (as well as trying cops for murder...and since both are capital crimes, it's rope and light pole time.)

But that's just my imagination running away with me. You're right, the 'intestinal fortitude' to fight fire with fire doesn't exist in today's vast masses of isolated losers.

G-fan said...


A new study released today suggests that consumers can quickly reduce the amount of hormone-disrupting chemicals in their bodies by switching personal care products.

I've always been a believer in short hair and plain glycerin soap, nice to be vindicated. Eat right and deodorants are unnecessary.