Monday, March 28, 2016

SAR #16087

This notice of delinquency has been sent to you because the Republican Party has contacted you multiple times to ask for your support of our 2016 campaign … We need you to come forward today and send a contribution of $25 or more.” Republican National Committee dun notice.
Surely: The Catholic Church Insurance Company, Limited (Hey, I'm not making this up!) writes insurance policies to cover losses suffered by the Catholic Church Unlimited when its priests get caught diddling little kids. To protect themselves against unnecessary losses (and let's face it, with all the child molesters running around the Catholic Church, some losses are necessary...) the CCICL insists that they be informed when the Higher Ups in the CCU learn that a particular parish priest has been caught playing with the parishioners'' kids. They have files. Extensive files. But they are not going to let anybody see them.
The Beat Goes On: The US reports that it killed 73 'militants' in Brussels Helmand province, Afghanistan over the weekend. We know they were militants because they're dead.
Honey Combed: US Naval Captain Daniel Dusek, once the chief of Naval operations for the US Pacific Fleet, has been jailed for providing classified information to a Malaysian defense contractor (who passed it on to god knows who) in return for prostitutes.
Soup To Nuts: Hillary Clinton is holding a $175,000 a plate fundraiser in Hollywood. In the last two months Bernie Sanders has raised more than $140,000,000 from 2 million donors –that's $170 a plate.
Fails Smell Test: Obama explained to Argentina the CIA helped their generals overthrow a democratically elected government, ushering in a reign of terror that killed over 7,000 and “disappeared” tens of thousands in order to protect US corporate interests, but that it was just growing pains from the “early dark days” of the agency. Which was then only 25 years old. Anybody want to talk about Kissinger, Allende's overthrow and the Chicago School of exploitation Economics?
Our Master's Voice: The Netinyahu government has approved a bill mandating that children under 14 be punished as terrorists.
Self-Governing: The Brits have decided to repeal their animal welfare laws and let chicken farmers set the rules for chicken farmers, pig farmers regulate pig growing and the foxes will continue to oversee the hen house... what could go wrong?
Short, Sweet: US Marines Enter Ground Combat in Iraq to Defend Oil Fields”
Left And Rights: The same time a federal judge was ruling Alabama's abortion restrictions were unconstitutional, Florida's governor was signing a law that will keep poor women from having access to safe abortion procedures and Indiana passed a law requiring women carrying a fetus with Down syndrome carry it to term as punishment for getting pregnant.
Happy Daze: Saudi Arabia, which claims that democracy is not needed in the Kingdom because their subjects are happier “than almost any other people in the world.” Except, of course, for the guy they just sentenced to 5 years for tweeting something the Royals didn't like.
Batter Up: Is it reasonable to expect that the thaw of relations between Cuba and the US will lead to American and International companies raping the country in the name of democracy, capitalism and profit? How long before the Mob gets to run casinos and whore houses again?
Out Of Town Tryouts: The US will fund a multi-million dollar border surveillance system covering about half the Tunisian/Libyan border. Why only half? And why – are we trying out some new system that we don't dare use in Arizona?
Wilder West: In Idaho, everybody over 21 can now carry a concealed handgun, no permit or training required. Drive defensively.
Porn O'Graph: Down is down, up is up.
A Parting Shot:


George Anderson said...

Yet another 'litany of woe' if taken on the whole...and considering how we are fed a steady diet of this, what is the corporate owned media trying to accomplish?

It has certainly sparked protests [which have yet to turn violent...although we don't know that for certain.] The COM is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to master's bidding.

Are we being set up for another 'shock & awe' campaign or are they just keeping the 'outrage meter' pegged like Rove & Co explained?

Yet another was that weasel allowed to slither of into the night unmolested? [not that we aren't all glad to see the back of him!]

Bernard Eckholdt said...

wonderful list, as always. sometimes it's hard to believe you don't make these up, but i know better. as they say, Fact is stranger than Fiction. i especially love the part about Cuba, American Business,the casinos and the Mob, et al. The irony in life is deep, way, way deep.

American Exceptionalism. lol

Anonymous said...

Smells Test: Sanders will smell/talk about the CIA, he sounded like a more straight forward Noam, listing about 7 or so of them in his TYT interview.