Thursday, March 31, 2016

SAR #16090

Self-deceit is a prerequisite for love.
Monday/Tuesday: Following her flat rejection of any more debates with that awfully mean Bernie Sanders unless he stopped “running a very negative campaign,” Hillary now says she is “perfectly willing” to debate him in NY. Providing the DNC can find a time-slot when no-one will be watching.
Briar Patch: FED chair Janet Yellen admitted that the global economy sucks, so naturally global stock markets immediately rose, many hitting new highs on the bad news.
Jobs Is Jobs: ADP claims that the US private sector added 200,000 jobs in the last month; too bad 191,000 of them were in service industries, not actually producing anything. Apparently we are going to get rich by taking in each other's laundry.
The Fix Is In: It does not matter who wins the Democratic primary in New York, the state's 44 superdelegates insist that they will vote for Hillary. End of story, end of pretense of democracy among the Democrats which will not be permitted “under any circumstance.”
Aid & Comfort: Most Americans support torturing dark-skinned Muslims who might be terrorists. Most Americans are idiots.
Hardship Tour: The Pentagon has ordered 90% of US military dependents to depart Turkey as soon as possible, for fear they may fall victim to “possible attacks”. The identity of possible attackers was not specified, but given recent events it could range from Erdogan's troops to ISIS fighters... if there's a difference.
Fairy Dust: A Minnesota Republican wants to mandate that gays “receive treatment” for their “unhealthy sexual addiction.”
Unclear On The Concept: Donald Trump claims he would appoint Supreme Court Justices who would investigate and convict Hillary Clinton over her emails. How soon does he think there will be 5 vacancies on the Court? And how will he ensure that he can find dupes to do what he instructs? Or that the Senate would confirm them? And since when does the Supreme Court investigate crimes? Or try and convict defendants? The only job the Supremes have is to decide whether a lower court ruling conforms to to the Constitution. Idiot.
Going Down! The Atlanta Fed now suspects that 1Q GDP growth will be 0.6%, down from the 1.4% they were touting just a week ago.
There There May Be Tygers: The Pentagon is planning to “defend Eastern European allies” with American troops, tanks, planes and dollars against Russian aggression. Sounds familiar, sort of an echo from my youth, long before you were born. How serious will this be? Well the Deputy Secretary of Defense says “there will be a division's worth of stuff there if something happens.” The first thing that would happen is that a division's worth of stuff would be vaporized.
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

Was standing in line at the health-club yesterday waiting to sign-up for the spin-cycle class. The guy at the desk - about 25 - was waiting until 5:30pm to start the sign-up, so there were a few usuals waiting and bantering. Somewhere along the banter he mentions: "woman are smarter so they go first" (on the sign-up queue), a few moments later a woman, about 45+/-, said "and that's why we're voting for Hillary". To which the young guy said (something like), "well that's not a good reason. Do you want more jobs lost because of free-trade?" To which she said (something like): "oh, that's just nonsense! Do you want to pay more taxes? You'll have to pay allot more if you vote for Sanders.".

Test questions:

1) Who is the "liberal"?
2) Who is on "the left"?
3) Anybody remember when Republicans used to use "the tax" argument?

George Anderson said...

Test answer: Aid & Comfort...or, to repeat myself, we're neck deep in stupid around here.

'The Left' is a chimera that disappeared after it was 'defunded' right after 'Morning in America'...around the same time everybody prayed the pledge of allegiance, followed by a shot of mental drano, turning them all instantly into Sunshine Patriots.

People who [sadly] couldn't think their way out of a paper bag...even if their lives depended on it.

How unfortunate is it for the rest of us that the abandonment of the Democratic party (which coincides with their zero resistance to Republican 'Free Trade agreements'...and their defacto abandonment of the working class has left us with a majority of 'undefined' voters who don't have the mental horsepower to remember who did what, never mind who is responsible for the current mess.

Is everybody getting ready to 'duck & cover' when the wheels come flying off this November...if we make it that far?

Anonymous said...

Aid & Comfort: The US ran and still runs concentration camps based on race standards, known as "reservations". Now that's Orwellian speech, are you qualified for a place on a reservation? Even more Orwellian, does not require barb-wire to keep the inmates locked away in poverty.

Lest we forget, to paraphrase Lewis C.K. it was less than the back-to-back lifetime of two 80 year old ladies from when blacks were released from slavery to immediately join the US Calvary and help carry out genocide first on Native Americans and then on tribes in the Philippines. Hitler didn't do anything original, other than apply German efficiency.