Friday, March 4, 2016

SAR #16064

Strategy: The basic strategy of the Democratic establishment – for which read Mr & Mrs Clinton and their Wall Street donors – basic strategy seems to envision Hillary winning the nomination by dominating primaries in Southern states that the Democrats will not carry in the general election, while alienating the voters on the coasts and in the more rational states sufficiently to keep them away from the polls and let Trump triumph.
Footfalls In The Dark: The individual who set up Hillary Clinton's private emial server has been given immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony. Immunity only applies in criminal prosecutions, where the prosecutor lets the small fish off easy in order to catch the big fish.
Point Of Order:Indeed, patients in Medicare typically have faster and more equal access to health care than nonelderly adults in the United States, because they have universal insurance coverage and Medicare is widely accepted by doctors and hospitals.” Heaven forfend we should try Medicare for All!
Early And Often: The FBI is telling high school administrations to report the names of students who dare criticize the government, especially, the security apparatus, or talk about the corruption prevalent in US corporations and government, or are suspiciously sympathetic to refugees or appear to be disrespectful of Second Amendment gun-toting enthusiasts, because these are future terrorists and must be monitored. The program is a gift to the American public from the Obama regime administration.
En Passant: The government issued 2-year bonds of at least 15 European Union countries currently have negative interest rates. Can't anybody here play this game?
Paper Chase: For eight years the developed nations' central bankers have tried nearly everything to revive their economies: giving money to the banks, giving money to big corporations, cutting interest rates, imposing austerity, imposing more austerity. Hell, they're down to trying negative interest rates (the policy choice of brain dead bureaucrats,). Nothing has worked. Almost makes you think they don't have the foggiest idea how economies actually work. Well, they didn't try massive stimulus spending on infrastructure projects, but hey, that's so old school and works, but this tends to help the peons, not the rich...
Reminder: Nearly half of all American children live at or below the poverty line.
Overworked and Overthere: In the UK, where finding and keeping a job has become a significant challenge, authorities are claiming that the Brits will have to work until they are 75 or possibly 81 before they retire, because the government has completely screwed the people. Do the politicians really think they – or the current social order - can survive this?
Layers: It is becoming obvious that the White House is far better than the Senate Republican leadership at the appointment game. First Obama let them rant and rail. Then he mooted a Republican candidate and the GOPers rejected him out of hand. Then the President invited them to reason with him, and they walked off petulantly mumbling invective. Now Obama's people are vetting a moderate appellate court judge, expecting Grassley and the Kentucky Turtle to repeat their obstructionist rants. Each step along the way paints the Republicans further and further into the corner. Soon Obama will be able to appoint Denis Kucinich and get him confirmed.
A Parting Shot:


Anonymous said...

Re: Well, they didn't try massive stimulus spending on infrastructure projects, but hey, that's so old school and works, but this tends to help the peons, not the rich

It didn't "work" in Japan. It did make the government cronies who got the "infrastructure contracts" rich tho.

How can a corrupt government dispense loot in a moral way?

You know what else helps the peons? Defense spending. I know, lets widen - oh, lets say by double - all the freeways and double the defense spending: you know, to create double the jobs.

Moral? Oh well, can't expect moral from a corrupt government now can ya...

George Anderson said...

Allowing the few to inflict widespread suffering upon the many speaks of the insanity of those entrusted to enforce justice for the masses.

That kind of sentiment will get one labeled a socialist but which is worse, being a socialist or being a boot-licking moron too fearful to stand up for themselves much less the common good!

All it takes for evil to succeed is for honest men to do nothing.