Friday, March 25, 2016

SAR #16084

Love & War: Faced with an unacceptable prospect, the GOP has a simple solution: Change the rules. A week or so before the convention, Republican rules can be changed by the delegates by a simple vote, one which would allow many/most them to vote for whomever they wish, particularly if they no longer wished to vote for Donald Trump. Sounds crooked? Ha, not nearly as much so as the Democrats and their Father-Knows-Best superdelegates.
Once Upon A Time In The West: Voter suppression in Phoenix was apparently intentional and we know who benefited from the lower turnout.
Gotta Go: Within the structure of the TTIP, the US insists that the EU's Precautionary Principle must abandoned. The principle is enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon – the foundation document of the entire EU project – and holds that whenever there is even the possibility that a policy or action could harm humans or damage the environment, that policy or action is prohibited. Bunch'a tree huggers.
All Due Deliberation: Every analysis of American political history strongly suggests that rational deliberation has little to do with the political process. “People vote based on emotion. Period. … Psychology is the only necessary skill for running for president, and Trump knows psychology.” He knows that facts don't matter and never have, and that 90% of us will vote with our guts, not our brains.
Rats And The Sinking Ship: The Rockefeller Family Fund – whose money is based on Standard Oil and its many children – is divesting itself off all investment in fossil fuels, starting with Exxon. They'd like us to believe this is because of their deep and abiding love of the environment and fear of global warming, but these guys are making an investment decision. Makes y'wonder.
Benchmarks: Donald Trump, who goes around touting his business acumen, is actually not doing all that well lately. Never mind the endless string of bankruptcies, 18 out of 21 of his investments in hedge funds and mutual funds lost money last year and so far this year 17 of the 21 are further down.
Porn O'Graph: Leftovers.
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George Anderson said...

Re: Love & War: Same as it ever was. What will voters who stood in line for hours think when they realize it was all for naught?

Sadly, most of 'em won't. We can enlighten them but as Krugman points out in his piece today you can't 'cure' a 'true believer'. Like in Due Deliberation, we are reminded of the old Axiom, how fortunate is it for the leaders of the world that their followers do not think?

Returns us to that other axiom, stupid is permanent, ignorance can be fixed.

Anonymous said...

We the people allowed Congress to make it easy to do everything Andy Grove warned us not to let happen and then some.