Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SAR #16076

The Republicans fear their base, the Democrats hate theirs.
Fairly Traded: On average, Americans without college educations – that's 70% of the work force – have lost and will continue to lose about $2,000 a year to low-wage workers in countries on the other end of those 'free-trade' agreements. Ask Mrs. Clinton about NAFTA. Or the Taking Profit Perpetually abomination. Trade agreements deliver cheap consumer goods to the US and profits to the corporations, not economic growth and not jobs.
History, Revised Standard Version: Madam Secretary assures us that “We didn't lose a single person in Libya.” Which suggests that Benghazi is in some other country.
Child's Play: In the US, you are in far more danger of being shot by a toddler than being harmed by a Muslim terrorist. You are probably in far more danger of being vaporized by a US drone than by a Muslim terrorist. Trump supporters? Toss a coin.
Citizen United: Donald Trump has been able to campaign on the cheap because to date he has gotten over $2 billion in free coverage from the media as it reports on his clown show. One black protester tripped and beaten is worth a day's headlines. Measuring his penis got him a lot more attention that the little fella is worth.
The Camel's Nose: Now it's not just the iPhone in California that the FBI wants Apple to unlock – there's this urgrent need to get into one in Boston. No, not a terrorist thing, just a gang thing. The Justice Department is threatening to seize Apple's iOS source code if they don't cave in to threats pretty soon. Elsewhere in Washington the FCC is preparing “strict rules” to protect your online privacy. Fun times.
Datapoints: In the US, real median household income last year was $4,000 below its 2000 level. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the proportion of Americans with jobs is a lot lower too.
Flying Start: In October 2016, some state's driver's licenses will not be accepted by TSA as identification permitting you to fly – but that deadline may be extended to 2018. Either way, by 2021 you will need to present your passport in order to board an aircraft. And before then the IRS will have the power to relieve you of your passport. Arrangements for issuing internal passports and travel permits are still pending.
Porn O'Graph: The fruit of their labors.
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McMike said...

Re fair trade decay, declining wages, struggling middle class, crumbling infrastructure, and FBI surveillance. I am trying really hard not to just accept that this is the world conservatives wanted, the world they argued vehemently for over family dinners and internet chat groups, the world they demanded in their open-carry rallies, and the world they voted for again and again.

They won. They got it. Well done.

Have fun with it.

Go to hell if you think the left is going to bail you out again.

Rick said...

A longer view of the decline in manufacturing, with percentage of workforce:

We don't make them like we used to

Click on graph for a larger view.

- Rick

George Anderson said...

Automation continues to accelerate so it should come as no surprise that labor force participation rates have fallen. The 'shrinkage' of the 'larger economy' is a direct by-product of the fact robots don't buy what they make and capitalists have zero compunction to insure their customers can afford their products.

This 'hooray for me and to hell with everybody else' dynamic doesn't end well.

Welcome to Neo-con/Libertarian paradise [a.k.a Somalia, where 'enterprenuers with guns' charge you for shade...]

It's all shits and giggles until the point the gun and shake YOU down.

Not to go all Jim Dandy on you but if this situation persists (driven by the corporate owned media) none of us will ever publicly admit to being 'lefties' again.

We will listen and nod when our moronic aquaintances complain about the chimera 'liberals' created by the same corrupt media that delivers the phony election results nobody's interested in challenging. We may occasionally, when we're at the end of our tether, call them idiots to their face and slap them with their emblem of pride, reminding them YOU VOTED FOR THIS! But it's like it is today, you're better off talking to a wall.

I really wonder if our peers are really that stupid or are they really just too chicken to demand justice?

We don't live in time where elections should be close but have you noticed the corporate owned media is giving us exactly that. That for reasons unknown the most unlikely of candidates are winning by the skin of their teeth.

Want it 'verified'? The conservo-whackos would go insane if any sate were to questionn the media's reporting.

We have a long history of 'stolen elections'...again, the problem remains we haven't (been allowed to) do anything about it.

I think you can see where this is going so I'll climb off the soapbox and take a breath (while I go back to researching places an old gringo and slip into the background and disappear.

Anonymous said...

Toddlers or Terrorist?: If the later includes corporations and their lackeys, then they've already killed half my family. That's why we gave up the reservation, packed our bags and moved back over the Bering Straights. If I'm going to have to deal with those domestic corporatist mercenaries known as cops, Feds, or just plain old scum with a badge, then I'd rather deal with ones who don't carry a gun. Yes, most cops in Japan, Taiwan, even China don't carry guns.

As someone's comment on another blog read today. There is neither Civilian or Military control over the application of force, rather it’s “Corporatism”. On the Domestic front it is for profit jails, parole, debit collecting of criminal fees, pay to stay jails, the list rolls on. On the international front, it’s no surprises that Ike’s Industrial Military Complex has taken over setting the agenda, right Mrs. Hell-ary Clinton?

Violence not only pays, State Violence pays best.