Thursday, March 24, 2016

SAR #16083

Just because Trump is a fake does not mean that the emotions he stirs up are.
Ready Or Not: Jim Hansen says that all the IPCC happy talk about 2ºC by 2100 and maybe 18 inches of sea level rise is a bunch of hooey. He and his friends think that we will see a 10 foot rise by 2050 – that's enough to drown every major seacoast city in the world. They also see a dramatic slowing, if not complete stoppage, of the Gulf Stream and a dramatic increase in super storms – all by mid century. +
Suppression: In Phoenix on primary day, the voters stood in line until midnight to vote, five hours after the polls officially closed. This was due to a 70% reduction in polling places since 2012, even though there was a 400% increase in voters. Whose fault was this? According to The County Recorder, Republican Helen Purcell – who says Florida's Katherrine Harris is her role model for suppressing the black and Latino vote - the blame belongs to “the voters for getting in line.”
Teaching Point: According to the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business “the United States has lost the will and ability to prosecute top corporate executives.” They own the banks and have Get Out of Jail Freecards.
Hope: “What makes Sanders special, what drives his huge surge of small donors far in excess of anything achieved by any other candidate of either party, is that he champions a progressive populism with an integrity and clarity that makes him the king of credibility in the campaign with numbers for honesty and trustworthiness that are unmatched by any other candidate in either party”. The question isn't 'will Bernie lose/', but will the movement live on?
The Way Things Are: The world's middle classes are getting poorer. US workers' share of income has dropped to near the lowest since World War II. The rich have gotten markedly richer. In Spain and Greece, unemployment among those under 25 is close to 40%.European countries are inundated with refugees, have little power to stop them, and have no means to integrate them economically or socially. Only 19% of Americans trust the government - down from 54% after the 9/11 attacks before Bush started lying to them and invading countries. In Europe as distrust of government has also surged; 84% of Spaniards don't trust Madrid, and Greeks get convulsed laughing over the question...
Money Talks: In February Bernie raised $43.5 million, Hillary only $29 million. For the year, February 2015 – February 2016, Hillary raised $229 million, Sanders only $140 million, but not one penny of his came from Superpacs or direct investment by Wall Street.
Indigestion: Only 60% of Democrats have a favorable view of Hillary, only half of Republicans can stomach Trump. Nationally 57% of voters can't stand The Donald and a few less – 53% - feel the same about Ms. Clinton. The latest polling suggests Trump would beat Clinton by 1% while Sanders would trounce Trump by 14% of the vote. So naturally the DNC wants Hillary as their candidate – it's her turn and she's bought and paid for.
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George Anderson said...

Will Bernie's movement last? It has persisted for centuries in the hearts of equality minded people, thirsty for justice, those who don't believe that law = vengeance {or that only the powerful deserve that satisfaction, and never upon them.)

Bernie's movement, which some point to Obama and call it a 'hangover' are proof that the Democracy the founders dumped on us doesn't work.

Remember, more than half of those invited to the meeting to plan the new nation wanted another Monarchy (with every blessed one of them becoming nobles) but the 'wiser heads' prevailed [back then kings were 'born to die'] so they crafted the 'meat puppet system' where the public would elect a carefully vetted stooge who would remain silent when things went contrary to the public will...and naturally the job would pay a pittance...but it would be a lot to the fools they recruited for the History books. To 'prove it worked' they even took the first few slots themselves.

They're dead and most of the rest of us only wish we were...while most people don't believe in hell, you wouldn't have to go to far find many that would opine our daily existance mirrors quite will what hell would be like, moments of ecstasy woven between long periods of agony and longing.

but back to 'the movement'...if you squint and look at it with your head cocked left, you can see traces of the original 'Terror' at the fringes...and, as is sagely noted by historians, those who block the avenues of peaceful change invite violent change.

That's where the much older than Bernie's movement is headed.

Do the powerful think their technology will save them?

Probably...but at what cost?

Jim Dandy said...

Pardon me, but what movement? Have you seen any hint of organization meant to last beyond the election? Anything at all? No, you haven't. Because Sanders is running Obama's "Believe" campaign from '08.

Ever wonder what happened to OFA? All the hype and hope from the last time? It was never more than a bumper sticker. Just like this time. It's not a historical achievement or a political trend. It's a marketing campaign. It even won an award, for dog's sake! Here, don't believe me, read it for yourself:

Anonymous said...

Want to know how bad it's going to be? This scientist has a daughter, and she knows it isn't going to go well for her. You can catch her trying not to tear up at the end.

estimates of up to an eventual 200' rise with total melt off and drought drying up lakes, water no longer frozen in the tundra, etc.